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Plant-Soil-Equipment Interactions
item Nitrogen fertility rates and landscape positions impacts on CO2 and CH4 fluxes from a landscape seeded to switchgrass (Apr 2014)
item Soil microbial community response to corn stover harvesting under rain-fed, no-till conditions at multiple U.S. locations (Apr 2014)
item Increasing diveristy of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in agroecosystems using specific cover crops (Mar 2014)
item Long-term crop rotation effects on soil attributes, soybean mineral nutrition, yield, and seed composition (Mar 2014)
item The impact of corn residue removal on soil aggregates and particulate organic matter (Feb 2014)
item Surprising yields with no-till cropping systems (Jan 2014)
item Relationships between soybean shoot nitrogen components and soybean aphid populations (Oct 2013)
item Phosphorus sorption and availability from biochars and soil/biochar mixtures (Oct 2013)
item Grassland research at the Eastern South Dakota Soil and Water Research Farm (Oct 2013)
item Nutrient export in tile drainage: Comparing manure injection to fertigation (Sep 2013)
item Nitrate sorption and desorption in biochars from fast pyrolysis (Jul 2013)
item Soil attributes, soybean mineral nutrition and yield in diverse crop rotations under no-till conditions (Jul 2013)
item Nitrogen fertilizer applications to corn after alfalfa? (Jun 2013)
item Surprising yields with no-till cropping systems (Jun 2013)
item Introduction to tillage erosion (Jun 2013)
item Fall cover crops boost soil arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi which can lead to reduced inputs (Jun 2013)
item Keep your soil covered (Jun 2013)
item Greenhouse gas fluxes from no-till rotated corn in the Upper Midwest (Apr 2013)
item Impact of corn residue quantity on yield of following crops (Mar 2013)
item Steps of yield advancement with no-till cropping systems in a semiarid climate (Mar 2013)
item Soybean aphid injury effects on shoot N components in Glycine max (Jan 2013)
item Applying an oxygen-based respiratory assay to assess soil microbial responses to substrate and N availability (Dec 2012)
item Barley yellow dwarf virus effects on cereal plant growth and transpiration (Nov 2012)
item Soil C sequestration and agronomic yield of diverse crop rotations under no-till soil management (Oct 2012)
item Soil management for food security (Oct 2012)
item Low sorption and fast dissipation of the herbicide saflufenacil in surface soils and subsoils of an eroded prairie landscape (Oct 2012)
item Aerobic stability of distillers’ wet grains as influenced by temperature (Aug 2012)
item Soil management for food security (Jul 2012)
item Corn residue removal impact on topsoil organic carbon in a corn-soybean rotation (May 2012)
item Corn residue removal impact on soil aggregates in a no-till corn/soybean rotation (May 2012)
item Sorption and dissipation of aged metolachlor residues in eroded and rehabilitated soils (Apr 2012)
item Nitrogen fertilizer applications to corn after alfalfa: grain yield, kernel composition, and plant mineral nutrients (Mar 2012)
item Corn residue removal impact on soil aggregate distribution and particulate organic matter (Mar 2012)
item Dry pea and lentil can improve semiarid crop production (Feb 2012)
item Fall cover cropping can increase arbuscular mycorrhizae in soils supporting intensive agricultural production (Jan 2012)
item Synergism: a rotation effect of improved growth efficiency (Jan 2012)
item Organic zero-till in the northern Great Plains: opportunities and obstacles (Nov 2011)
item Effect of surface inlet type on suspended sediment transported through a subsurface drain tile system (Oct 2011)
Last Modified: 9/20/2013
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