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Improving Nutrient Absorption by Crops
item Aluminum-based water treatment residual use in a constructed wetland for capturing urban runoff phosphorus: Column study (Sep 2015)
item Anatomy of a field trial: Wood-based biochar and compost influences a Pacific Northwest soil (Jul 2015)
item Contrasting effects of biochar versus manure on soil microbial communities and enzyme activities in an Aridisol (Jun 2015)
item Biochar and manure effects on nitrogen nutrition in silage corn (Jun 2015)
item Hardwood biochar and manure co-application to a calcareous soil (May 2015)
item Compost and manure effects on sugarbeet nitrogen uptake, nitrogen recovery, and nitrogen use efficiency (May 2015)
item Stabilizing effect of biochar on soil extracellular enzymes after a denaturing stress (Apr 2015)
item Biochar elemental composition and factors influencing nutrient retention (Feb 2015)
item The effects of biochar and manure in silage corn (Feb 2015)
item Influence of soil properties and test conditions on sorption and desorption of testosterone (Jan 2015)
item Uptake coefficients for biosolids-amended dryland winter wheat (Jan 2015)
item Organic and inorganic inputs and losses in an irrigated corn field after inorganic fertilizer or manure application (Dec 2014)
item Sugarbeet yield and quality when substituting compost or manure for conventional nitrogen fertilizer (Dec 2014)
item Biochar alters manure's effect on nitrogen cycling and greenhouse gas emissions in a calcareous soil (Nov 2014)
item Carbon balance in an irrigated corn field after inorganic fertilizer or manure application (Nov 2014)
item Low-Temperature Biochar Affects an Eroded Calcareous Soil (Oct 2014)
item Aggregate tensile strength and friability characteristics of furrow and sprinkler irrigated fields in Southern Idaho (Oct 2014)
item Biochar and manure effects on net nitrogen mineralization and greenhouse gas emissions from calcareous soil under corn (Sep 2014)
item Copper and zinc speciation in a biosolids-amended, semiarid grassland soil (Sep 2014)
item Manure and inorganic fertilizer effects on carbon balance and losses in irrigated corn (Jul 2014)
item Effect of composting on the fate of steroids in beef cattle manure (Jun 2014)
item Manure and fertilizer effects on organic and inorganic carbon losses and budget for an irrigated corn field (Jun 2014)
item Improving nitrogen management for corn in southern Idaho and southwest Oregon (Mar 2014)
item Soil-plant-microbial relations in hydrothermally altered soils of Northern California (Feb 2014)
item Hardwood biochar influences calcareous soil physicochemical and microbiological status (Jan 2014)
item Regression modeling weather and biosolids effects on dryland on dryland wheat yields in Eastern Colorado, 2011-2012 (Dec 2013)
item Soil-Plant Nutrient Interactions on Manure-Enriched Calcareous Soils (Nov 2013)
item Use of a surrogate to evaluate the impact of tillage on the transport of steroid hormones from manure-amended agricultural field (Sep 2013)
item Drought resistant sugar beets (Jul 2013)
item Transport of Steroid Hormones in the vadose zone after land application of manure (Jul 2013)
item Current knowledge on the environmental fate, potential impact, and management of growth-promoting steroids used in the US beef cattle industry (Jun 2013)
item Reducing nutrient losses in runoff from furrow irrigation (Mar 2013)
item Recommending soil copper thresholds for potato production in Idaho (Feb 2013)
item In-field rates of decomposition and microbial communities colonizing residues vary by depth of residue placement and plant part, but not by crop genotype for residues from two Cry1AB Bt corn hybrids and their non-transgenic i (Feb 2013)
item Using extension phosphorus uptake research to improve Idaho's nutrient management planning program (Oct 2012)
item Effects of tillage system and nitrogen supply on sugarbeet production (Jul 2012)
item Environmental benefits of biochar (Jul 2012)
item Nitrogen availability and uptake by sugarbeet in years following manure application (Jun 2012)
item Nitrogen requirement for sugar beets: A summary of past and present research findings (Mar 2012)
item Effect of growth promotants on the occurrence of endogenous and synthetic steroid hormones on feedlot soils and in runoff from beef cattle feeding operations (Jan 2012)
item High yield corn production can result in high nitrogen use efficiency (Dec 2011)
item Feedlot manure handling and application strategies on surface runoff of artificial hormones applied to row crop fields (Aug 2011)
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