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Waste Utilization
item Cultivar, harvest date, and nitrogen fertilization affect production and quality of fall oat (Sep 2014)
item Fertilization of fall-grown oat with urea or bedded-pack manure (Jul 2014)
item Fall management of eastern gamagrass (Jul 2014)
item Effects of dairy slurry on the nutritive value and fermentation characteristics of alfalfa silages (Jul 2014)
item Pathogen transport modeling during spray irrigation of liquid manure in wisconsin (Jul 2014)
item Pathogen transport modeling during spray irrigation of liquid manure in Wisconsin (Jul 2014)
item Fall harvest management of eastern gamagrass in central Wisconsin (Jul 2014)
item Human and bovine viruses in the Milwaukee river watershed: hydrologically relevant representation and relations with environmental variables (Jun 2014)
item Grazing management for fall-grown oat forages (May 2014)
item Winter wheat starter nitrogen management: a preplant soil nitrate test and site specific nitrogen loss potential (May 2014)
item Improved HF183 quantitative real-time PCR assay for characterization of human fecal pollution in ambient surface water samples (May 2014)
item Refining models for quantifying the water quality benefits of improved animal management for use in water quality trading (Apr 2014)
item Drinking water systems, hydrology, and childhood gastrointestinal illness in central and northern Wisconsin (Apr 2014)
item Preservation of hay with propionic acid (Mar 2014)
item Characterization of preferential flow pathways in a siliciclastic aquifer system using human enteric viruses and groundwater geochemistry (Mar 2014)
item Application of dairy slurry on alfalfa fields, and subsequent effects on nutritive value and silage fermentation characteristics of the harvested forage (Mar 2014)
item Forage quality and feeding management for eastern gamagrass in wisconsin (Mar 2014)
item Management and production potential of eastern gamagrass in wisconsin (Mar 2014)
item Landscape-scale geographic variations in microbial indices and labile phosphorus in Hapludults (Mar 2014)
item Surface runoff from manured cropping systems assessed by the paired-watershed method, part 1: P, N, and sediment transport (Mar 2014)
item Effects of precipitation events on virus presence in groundwater (Mar 2014)
item Surface runoff from manured cropping systems assessed by the paired-watershed method, part 2: pathogen transport (Mar 2014)
item Effects of including saponins (Micro-aid®) on intake, rumen fermentation, and digestibility in steers fed low-quality prairie hay (Mar 2014)
item Viruses as groundwater tracers: using ecohydrology to characterize short travel times in aquifers (Mar 2014)
item Effects of gypsum on trace metals in soils and earthworms (Mar 2014)
item Enhanced-efficiency fertilizer effects on cotton yield and quality in the Coastal Plains (Mar 2014)
item Fall-grown oat to extend the fall grazing season for replacement dairy heifers (Feb 2014)
item Fate of microconstituents in biosolids composted in an aerated silage bag (Feb 2014)
item From the ground up: groundwater, surface water runoff, and air as pathogen routes for food contamination (Jan 2014)
item Runoff losses from corn silage-manure cropping systems (Jan 2014)
item Impact of FGD gypsum application on water quality in a coastal plain soil (Jan 2014)
item Sustainable uses of FGD gypsum in agricultural systems (Jan 2014)
item Implement with adjustable band spacing for subsurface band application of poultry litter (Dec 2013)
item Gypsum use to reduce P loss from agricultural fields (Dec 2013)
item Nutrient removal of agricultural drainage water using algal turf scrubbers and solar power (Nov 2013)
item Monitoring nutrient loss in runoff from dairy cattle lots (Nov 2013)
item Unique interrelationships between fiber composition, water-soluble carbohydrates, and in vitro gas production for fall-grown oat forages (Oct 2013)
item Evaluation of N products for cotton and corn (Oct 2013)
item Trace metal enrichment and distribution in a poultry litter-amended soil under different tillage practices (Oct 2013)
item Technical note: Whole-pen assessments of nutrient excretion and digestibility from dairy replacement heifers housed in sand-bedded freestalls (Sep 2013)
item Accumulation and inactivation of avian influenza virus by the filter feeding invertebrate daphnia magna (Sep 2013)
item Effects of rain damage on wilting forages (Sep 2013)
item Propionic acid preservatives for hay (Sep 2013)
item Ranking filter methods for concentrating pathogens in lake water (Sep 2013)
item Comparison of microbial quality of irrigation water delivered in aluminum and PVC pipes (Sep 2013)
item Phytotoxicity of zinc and manganese to seedlings grown in soil contaminated by zinc smelting (Aug 2013)
item Coliform retention and release in biofilms formed on new and weathered irrigation pipes (Aug 2013)
item Evaluating manure release parameters for nonpoint contaminant transport model KINEROS2/STWIR (Aug 2013)
item Grazing management for fall-grown oat forages (Aug 2013)
item Effects of coal combustion byproduct encapsulated ammonium nitrate on wheat yield and uptake of nitrogen and metals (Jul 2013)
item Benefits of perennial forages in rotations (Jul 2013)
item Zoning of an agricultural field using a fuzzy indicator model in combination with tool for multi-attributed decision-making (Jul 2013)
item Effects of various strip widths in strip tillage on seed emergence and yield of sunflower (Jul 2013)
item Yield and environmental effects of organic and inorganic fertilizer applications on mixed-season perennial forages (Jun 2013)
item Forage and breed effects on behavior and temperament of pregnant beef heifers (Jun 2013)
item Surface transport of nutrients from surface broadcast and subsurface-banded broiler litter (Jun 2013)
item Element pool changes within a scrub-oak ecosystem after 11 years of elevated CO2 exposure (May 2013)
item The effect of liming on antibacterial and hormone levels in wastewater biosolids (May 2013)
item Fate of triclocarban, triclosan and methyltriclosan during wastewater and biosolids treatment processes (May 2013)
item Inactivation of dairy manure-borne pathogens by anaerobic digestion (May 2013)
item Improved HF183 reverse primer and probe for greater analytical sensitivity of human bacteroides in the environment (May 2013)
item Grazing management for fall-grown oat (Apr 2013)
item Assessment of heifer grazing experience on short-term adaptation to pasture and performance as lactating cows (Apr 2013)
item In situ protein degradation of alfalfa and birdsfoot trefoil hays and silages as influenced by condensed tannin concentration (Apr 2013)
item Production costs of potential corn stover harvest and storage systems (Apr 2013)
item Comparing dependencies of E. coli, Salmonella, and Enterococci survival on temperature in surface waters (Apr 2013)
item Economic analysis of small-scale agricultural digesters in the United States (Apr 2013)
item Effect of broiler litter ash and flue gas desulfurization gypsum on yield, calcium and phosphorus uptake by peanut (Apr 2013)
item Definition of zones with different levels of productivity within an agricultural field using fuzzy modeling (Apr 2013)
item Source and transport of human enteric viruses in deep municipal water supply wells (Apr 2013)
item Cadmium in soils and its transfer to plants and the human food chain (Apr 2013)
item On the effect of soil hydraulic properties on the relationship between spatial variation and spatial mean of soil water contents (Apr 2013)
item Effects of broiler litter ash, layer manure ash and calcium phosphate on corn, wheat and soybean growth, phosphorus and arsenic uptake (Apr 2013)
item Using the Q10 model to simulate the E. coli survival in cowpats on grazing lands (Apr 2013)
item Effects of a propionic-acid based preservative on storage characteristics of alfalfa-orchardgrass hay in large-rectangular bales (Mar 2013)
item Autonomous benthic algal cultivator under feedback control of ecosystem metabolism (Mar 2013)
item Storage characteristics, nutritive value, energy content, and in-vivo digestibility of moist large-rectangular bales of alfalfa-orchardgrass hay treated with a propionic-acid-based preservative (Mar 2013)
item Effects of agricultural municipal and industrial byproducts on bioaccessible lead (Pb) in Pb contaminated urban soils (Mar 2013)
item Nutrient loss in leachate and surface runoff from surface-broadcast and subsurface-banded broiler litter (Mar 2013)
item Critical evaluation of models used to study agricultural phosphorus and water quality (Mar 2013)
item Contaminant transport pathways between urban sewer networks and water supply wells (Mar 2013)
item Spontaneous heating (Mar 2013)
item Performance by heifers grazing sod-seeded cool-season annuals seeded on different dates using two tillage intensities (Mar 2013)
item Heating effects on the quality of forage (Mar 2013)
item Temporal stability of soil water content as affected by climate: a simulation study (Feb 2013)
item Modeling transport of Escherichia coli in a creek during and after artificial high-flow events: Three year study and analysis (Feb 2013)
item Digestibility by lambs offered alfalfa hay treated with a propionic acid hay preservative and baled at different concentrations of moisture (Feb 2013)
item Ssda Code to Apply Data Assimilation in Soil Water Flow Modeling: documentation and User Manual (Feb 2013)
item E. coli survival in waters: temperature dependence (Feb 2013)
item Relationships between age at first calving, herd management criteria and lifetime milk, fat, and protein production in holstein cattle (Jan 2013)
item Turbulence and nutrient interactions that control benthic algal production in an engineered cultivation raceway (Jan 2013)
item Basic QA/QC information required for reporting real-time quantitative PCR data for drinking water quality (Jan 2013)
item Common obstacles to making quality hay (Jan 2013)
item Simulation of local controls on the temporal stability of soil water content (Jan 2013)
item Distribution of plant nutrient elements and carbon in particle size fractions of broiler litter ash (Dec 2012)
item Chesapeake Bay Goal Line 2025: Opportunities for Enhancing Agricultural Conservation Conference Report (Dec 2012)
item Applying model abstraction techniques to optimize monitoring networks for detecting subsurface contaminant transport (Dec 2012)
item Geophysics applications in critical zone science: emerging topics (Dec 2012)
item Modeling E. Coli release and transport in a creek during artificial high-flow events (Dec 2012)
item How can climate, soil, and monitoring schedule affect temporal stability of soil water contents (Dec 2012)
item Simulating soil phosphorus dynamics for a phosphorus loss quantification tool (Nov 2012)
item Testing the Wisconsin P index with year-round, field-scale runoff monitoring (Nov 2012)
item Effects of byproducts amended lead contaminated urban soils on carrot yield and lead uptake (Oct 2012)
item Effects of natural and simulated rainfall on indicators of ensilability and nutritive value for wilting alfalfa forages sampled before preservation as silage (Oct 2012)
item The arrhenius equation as means to simulate E. Coli survival in waters (Oct 2012)
item Impact of FGD gypsum application on water quality in a coastal plain soil (Oct 2012)
item Using eastern gamagrass to limit weight gains by replacement dairy heifers: 1. Nutrient intakes and heifer performance (Oct 2012)
item Impact of FGD gypsum on soil fertility and plant nutrient uptake (Oct 2012)
item Evaluation of gypsum rates on greenhouse crop production (Oct 2012)
item Using eastern gamagrass to limit weight gains by replacement dairy heifers: 2. Measuring excreta and digestibility on a whole-pen basis (Oct 2012)
item Use of soil electrical conductivity to determine gypsum movement (Oct 2012)
item Survival and release of animal waste-borne E. Coli in field conditions (Oct 2012)
item Effects of natural and simulated rainfall on indicators of alfalfa silage fermentation (Oct 2012)
item Impact of alternative n fertilizer sources on cotton yield and greenhouse gas emissions in a coastal plain soil (Oct 2012)
item Soil erosion and nutrient runoff in corn silage with kura clover living mulch and winter rye (Oct 2012)
item Soil carbon dioxide fluxes in conventional and conservation tillage corn production systems receiving poultry litter and inorganic fertilizer (Oct 2012)
item Manure application method and timing effects on emission of ammonia and nitrous oxide (Oct 2012)
item Testing amendments for remediation of military range contaminated soil (Oct 2012)
item Using eastern gamagrass to construct diets that limit intake and caloric density for dairy replacement heifers (Oct 2012)
item Capturing residual soil nitrogen with winter cereal cover crops (Sep 2012)
item Development of a soil test for determining the impact of soil disturbance (Sep 2012)
item Watershed-level comparison of predictability and sensitivity of two phosphorus models (Sep 2012)
item Viruses in non-disinfected drinking water from municipal wells are related to community rates of acute gastrointestinal illness (Sep 2012)
item Prolonged field exposure after cut alfalfa receives rain reduces ensilability and nutritive value (Aug 2012)
item Exploring new forage options to address emerging dietary and environmental challenges in dairy forage systems: reducing excessive weight gain in dairy replacement heifers fed a corn-silage based diet (Aug 2012)
item Food Safety Issues: Mineral fertilizers and soil amendments (Aug 2012)
item Nitrogen mineralization in production agriculture (Aug 2012)
item Single collector attachment efficiency of colloid capture by a cylindrical collector in laminar overland flow (Aug 2012)
item Persistence of E. coli introduced into streambed sediments with goose, deer, and bovine animal waste (Aug 2012)
item Dairy heifer manure management, dietary phosphorus, and soil test P effects on runoff phosphorus (Aug 2012)
item Non-composted municipal solid waste byproduct influences soil and plant nutrients five years after soil reclamation (Aug 2012)
item Risk of viral acute gastrointestinal illness from non-disinfected drinking water distribution systems (Jul 2012)
item The modified SWAT model for predicting fecal coliform in the Wachusett Reservoir Watershed, USA (Jul 2012)
item Temporal stability of soil water contents: A review of data and analyses (Jun 2012)
item A query for effective mean particle size of dry and high moisture corns (May 2012)
item Temporal stability of soil water contents as affected by weather patterns: a simulation study. (May 2012)
item Quasi 3D modeling of water flow in vadose zone and groundwater (May 2012)
item Measuring and mitigating inhibition during real-time, quantitative PCR analysis of viral nucleic acid extracts from large-volume environmental water samples (May 2012)
item Comparative effectiveness of membrane bioreactors, conventional secondary treatment, and disinfection to remove microorganisms from municipal wastewaters (May 2012)
item Upscaling with data assimilation in soil hydrology (May 2012)
item Data assimilation with soil water content sensors and pedotransfer functions in soil water flow modeling (May 2012)
item Estimating topsoil water content of clay soils with data from time-lapse electrical conductivity surveys (May 2012)
item Pathogen transport in surface runoff from manured agricultural fields (May 2012)
item Impact of poultry litter cake, cleanout, and bedding following chemical amendments on soil C and N mineralization (May 2012)
item Nitrogen and carbon cycling in a grassland community ecosystem as affected by elevated atmospheric CO2 (Apr 2012)
item An information theory application to improve understanding of subsurface flow and transport conditions at the BARC OPE3 site (Apr 2012)
item Survival and release of Escherichia coli in land-applied animal manure: models and parameters (Apr 2012)
item E. coli survival in waters: applicability of the Arrhenius equation (Apr 2012)
item Environmental research to improve food safety (Apr 2012)
item Fall-grown oat forages: cultivars, planting dates, and expected yields (Mar 2012)
item Fall-grown oat forages: unique quality characteristics (Mar 2012)
item Glass wool filters for concentrating waterborne viruses and agricultural zoonotic pathogens (Mar 2012)
item Use of an algal hydrolysate to improve enzymatic hydrolysis of anaerobically digested fiber (Mar 2012)
item Identification and quantification of inositol hexa-kis phosphate (IHP) in environmental samples at neutral pH using electro-spray ionization and raman spectroscopy (Mar 2012)
item Identifying military impacts on archaeological deposits based on differences in soil organic carbon and chemical elements at soil horizon interfaces (Mar 2012)
item Effects of biosolids and FGD-gypsum amended soil on metal uptake by lettuce and Edamame soybean and nodules development (Feb 2012)
item Tissue concentrations of organic contaminants in fish and their biological effects in a wastewater-dominated urban stream (Feb 2012)
item Biofilms in irrigation pipes affect the microbial quality of irrigation water (Feb 2012)
item Scale effects on information theory-based measures applied to streamflow patterns in two rural watersheds (Feb 2012)
item Planting date effects on the nutritive value of fall-grown oat cultivars (Jan 2012)
item Alternative substrates in production of trees in 25-gallon containers (Jan 2012)
item Alternative N sources for corn and cotton in Alabama (Jan 2012)
item Dairy heifer diets, manure management, and runoff phosphorus (Jan 2012)
item When it hits the fan: Pathogens from human and bovine sources in the environment (Jan 2012)
item Fate of triclosan and methyltriclosan in soil from biosolids application (Jan 2012)
item Near- and mid-infrared spectroscopic determination of algal composition (Jan 2012)
item New technology N products in alabama (Jan 2012)
item Chemical composition, intake by sheep, and in situ disappearance in cannulated cows of bermudagrass hayed at two moisture concentrations and treated with a non-viable lactobacillus-lactic acid preservative (Dec 2011)
item Detection of E. coli O157:H7 by immunomagnetic separation coupled with fluorescence immunoassay (Dec 2011)
item Planting date effects on the yield and nutritive value of fall-grown oat cultivars (Dec 2011)
item Parameter estimation and uncertainty in scaling KINEROS2 runoff parameters (Dec 2011)
item Late-season corn measurements to assess soil residual nitrate and nitrogen management (Dec 2011)
item Augmenting an observation network to facilitate flow and transport model discrimination. (Dec 2011)
item Non-local controls on spatial and temporal variability of soil water content in heavy clay soils (Dec 2011)
item Estimating spatial variations in water content of clay soils from time-lapse electrical conductivity surveys (Dec 2011)
item Method 1615 measurment of Enterovirus and Norovirus occurrence in water by culture and qRT-PCR (Dec 2011)
item The effect of harvest moisture and bale wrapping on forage quality, temperature, and mold in orchardgrass hay (Nov 2011)
item Fate of triclosan and methyltriclosan in soil from biosolids application (Nov 2011)
item Evaluation of poultry litter fertilization practices on greenhouse gas emissions (Nov 2011)
item Quantifying viruses and bacteria in wastewater - results, quality control, and interpretation methods (Oct 2011)
item Microbial inoculants as tools for reducing nitrous oxide emissions from soil (Oct 2011)
item Impact of FGD gypsum on bermudagrass in Coastal Plain soil (Oct 2011)
item The potential for FGD gypsum use in Alabama (Oct 2011)
item Use of industry by-product gypsum to reduce soluble P in soil (Oct 2011)
item Comparison of soil applied flue gas desulfurization (FGD) and agricultural gypsum on soil physical properties (Oct 2011)
item Mid-infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for the rapid analysis of plant root composition (Oct 2011)
item Modeling rainfall-induced release of manure constituents from surface-applied liquid dairy manure (Oct 2011)
item Is it enough to have one ECa map for the site-specific management delineation? (Oct 2011)
item Using passive capillary lysimeter water flux measurements to improve flow predictions in variably saturated soils. (Oct 2011)
item Status of the database on microorganism inactivation in environmental media (DIMEM) (Oct 2011)
item Application of composted poultry litter as a fertilizer for landscape bedding plants (Oct 2011)
item Tillage and fertilizer management effects on soil atmospheric exchanges of methane and nitrous oxide in a corn production system (Sep 2011)
item Effects of FGD-gypsum, used-wallboard and calcium sulfate on corn and soybean root growth (Sep 2011)
item Production, reproduction, health, and growth traits in backcross holstein x jersey cows and their holstein contemporaries (Sep 2011)
item Irrigation waters as a source of pathogenic microorganisms in produce: a review (Sep 2011)
item Quantifying spatial variability of indigenous nitrogen supply for precision nitrogen management in small scale farming (Sep 2011)
item Low-value trees as alternative substrates in greenhouse production of three annual species (Sep 2011)
item Long-Term tillage and poultry litter impacts on soybean and corn grain yield (Sep 2011)
item Novel/non-conventional manure application practices to minimize environmental impacts (Sep 2011)
item Kirkham’s legacy and contemporary challenges in soil physics research (Sep 2011)
item The effect of harvest moisture and bale wrapping on temperature and mold counts in grass hay (Aug 2011)
item Fertilizer effects on annual growth in sweetgum, hickory, and cedar substrates (Aug 2011)
item Effectiveness of buffered propionic-acid preservatives for large hay packages (Aug 2011)
item Ultra-sensitive detection using integrated waveguide technologies (Jul 2011)
item New municipal solid waste processing technology reduces volume and provides beneficial reuse applications for soil improvement and dust control (Jul 2011)
item Organic acids rather than histidine predominate in Ni chelation in Alyssum hyperaccumulator xylem exudate (Jul 2011)
item Zoning of agricultural field using a fuzzy indicators model (Jul 2011)
item Evaluation of limit feeding and bunk management for gravid dairy replacement heifers (Jul 2011)
item Effect of prior grazing experiences on grazing behavior and performance of lactating cows (Jul 2011)
item Simplified urban soil bioaccessible Pb test correlated with bioavailability of soil-Pb to humans in untreated and phosphate-treated Joplin soils (Jul 2011)
item Algal turf scrubbing: cleaning surface waters with solar energy while producing a biofuel (Jun 2011)
item Orchardgrass ley for improved manure management in Wisconsin: II. Nutritive value and voluntary intake by dairy heifers (May 2011)
item Use of FGD gypsum on a bermudagrass pasture in the Appalachian Plateau Region (May 2011)
item Information and complexity measures for hydrologic model evaluation (Apr 2011)
item Pilot study of the effect of biofilms in irrigation pipes on the microbial water quality of irrigation water (Apr 2011)
item Pathogen losses in surface runoff from dairy manure applied to corn fields (Apr 2011)
item Measurement challenges of detecting enteric organisms in food and water (Apr 2011)
item Quantifying military training impacts using soil chemical and mechanical properties (Mar 2011)
item An implement for subsurface band application of poultry litter (Mar 2011)
item Heat damaged forages: effects on forage energy content (Mar 2011)
item Steroid hormones in biosolids and poultry litter: A comparison of potential environmental inputs (Mar 2011)
item Subsurface application of poultry litter and its influence on nutrient losses in runoff water from permanent pastures (Mar 2011)
item Identification of ovine ruminal microbes capable of biotransforming hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine (RDX) (Feb 2011)
item Manure application methods to minimize ammonia losses and maximize crop N use (Feb 2011)
item Effects of byproducts amended lead contaminated urban soils on collard yield (Feb 2011)
item Biodegradability of injection molded bioplastics containing polylactic acid and poultry feather fiber (Jan 2011)
item Use of neem cake as an organic substrate component (Jan 2011)
item Cropping system effects on soil quality (Jan 2011)
item Human viruses as tracers of wastewater pathways into deep municipal wells (Dec 2010)
item Identifying military impacts to archaeological resources based on differences in vertical stratification of soil properties (Nov 2010)
item Alkylphenols and alkylphenol ethoxylates, PBDEs, PCBs and chlorinated pesticides in largemouth bass from North Shore Channel of the Chicago River, Illinois (Nov 2010)
item Identifying military impacts on archaeology deposits based on differences in soil organic carbon and chemical elements at soil horizon interfaces (Nov 2010)
item Corn management systems for improved synchrony of soil N supply (Nov 2010)
item Influence of tillage and fertilizer placement methods on corn yield (Oct 2010)
item Subsurface band application of poultry litter (Oct 2010)
item Water quality benefits of subsurface-banded poultry litter (Sep 2010)
item A career in agriculture and NIR (Sep 2010)
item Long-term tillage and poultry litter application impacts on crop production in northeastern Alabama (Jul 2010)
item FGD gypsum use as a soil amendment to reduce soluble P in soil (Jul 2010)
item Hardwood amended substrates for annual plant production (Jan 2010)
item Impact of subsurface applying poultry litter on greenhouse gas emissions in a permanent pasture (Nov 2009)
item Impact of subsurface applying poultry litter on reducing P losses in surface water runoff in a permanent pasture (Nov 2009)
item Influence of fertilizer placement on gaseous loss (CO2, CH4, N2O, and NH4) under different tillage management practices in a corn cropping system (Nov 2009)
item Greenhouse gas (CO2, CH4, N2O) flux associated with agricultural fields with residual poultry litter applied as banded and surface applied treatments (Nov 2009)
item Amending pine bark with alternative substrates (Jan 2009)
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