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Assessment of Plant Nutrient Adequacy
item Evaluating topsoil depth effects on phosphorus and potassium nutrient dynamics of grain and switchgrass production systems (Nov 2015)
item Long-term impacts of cropping systems and landscape positions on grain crop production on claypan soils (Nov 2015)
item Nitrogen dynamics in corn and switchgrass production influenced by soils of varying depths in central Missouri (Nov 2015)
item What plant and soil testing from 16 sites in eight midwestern states tells us about split nitrogen applications (Nov 2015)
item Nitrogen and harvest impact on biomass yield of established switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) (Nov 2015)
item Factors to consider in developing variable rate seeding prescriptions (Nov 2015)
item Corn nitrogen fertilization rate tools compared over eight midwest states (Nov 2015)
item Validating a high-resolution digital soil map for precision agriculture across multiple fields (Nov 2015)
item Integrating soil and weather information into canopy sensor algorithms for improved corn nitrogen rate recommendation (Nov 2015)
item Public-private partnering for improving performance of corn nitrogen fertilization tools (Nov 2015)
item Automated lettuce nutrient solution management using an array of ion-selective electrodes (Oct 2015)
item Soil microbiota of the prairie (Oct 2015)
item Reflectance spectroscopy for soil analysis (Sep 2015)
item Cover crop in Missouri: putting them to work on your farm (Aug 2015)
item Model and sensor-based recommendation approaches for in-season nitrogen management in corn (Aug 2015)
item Switchgrass canopy reflectance as nitrogen management tool on variable claypan soils (Aug 2015)
item Nitrogen fertilizer management impact on dry matter yield of warm-season grasses (Aug 2015)
item Integrating soil information into canopy sensor algorithms for improved corn nitrogen rate recommendation (Aug 2015)
item Instrumentation for full-year plot-scale runoff monitoring (Jul 2015)
item Estimation of soil profile physical and chemical properties using a VIS-NIR-EC-force probe (Jul 2015)
item Operational characteristics of commercial crop canopy sensors for nitrogen application in maize (Jul 2015)
item Conservation effects on soil quality indicators in the Missouri Salt River Basin (Jul 2015)
item Estimating a soil quality index with VNIR reflectance spectroscopy (Feb 2015)
item Long-term agroecosystem research in the Central Mississippi River Basin: Goodwater Creek Experimental Watershed weather data (Jan 2015)
item Bayesian analysis of spatially-dependent functional responses with spatially-dependent multi-dimensional functional predictors (Dec 2014)
item Spatial variability of soil properties using nested variograms at multiple scales (Dec 2014)
item An online planning tool for designing terrace layouts (Dec 2014)
item Soil (Nov 2014)
item Management factors affecting establishment and yield of bioenergy miscanthus on claypan soil landscapes (Nov 2014)
item Canopy reflectance sensors as a decision tool for N rate (Nov 2014)
item Conservation effects on soil quality indicators in the Missouri Salt River basin (Nov 2014)
item A stochastic approach for predicting the profitability of bioenergy grasses (Oct 2014)
item Crop sensors for automation of in-season nitrogen application (Sep 2014)
item Soil property estimation and design for agroecosystem management using hierarchical geospatial functional data models (Aug 2014)
item Production and conservation results from a decade-long field-scale precision agriculture system (Jul 2014)
item Estimation of CI-based soil compaction status from soil apparent electrical conductivity (Jul 2014)
item Evaluation of a commercial multi-sensor system for soil electrical conductivity, organic matter, and pH (Jul 2014)
item Estimation of soil physical properties from sensor-based soil strength and apparent electrical conductivity (Jul 2014)
item Environmental implications of herbicide resistance: soil biology and ecology (Apr 2014)
item Soil quality and the solar corridor crop system (Mar 2014)
item Ecologically-based management improves soil health in an organic orchard production system (Feb 2014)
item Interactions between glyphosate, fusarium infection of common waterhemp (amaranthus rudis), and soil microbial abundance and diversity in soil collections from Missouri (Jan 2014)
item Biological indicators of soil quality and soil organic matter characteristics in an agricultural management continuum (Jan 2014)
item Canopy sensors to match N rate to crop need and reduce the pool of vulnerable nitrate (Nov 2013)
item Management impacts on GHG emissions and yield performance from organic soybean (Nov 2013)
item Determining in-season nitrogen requirements for maize using model and sensor based approaches (Nov 2013)
item Production and conservation outcomes of a decade-long field-scale precision agriculture system (Nov 2013)
item Engineering considerations in sensor-based nutrient management (Nov 2013)
item Sensor-based nitrogen applications for corn: opportunities, on-farm demonstration results, and obstacles (Aug 2013)
item Evaluating the soil vulnerability index and conductivity claypan index for claypan soils in Missouri (Jul 2013)
item Sensor-based precision fertilization for field crops (Jul 2013)
item Estimating a soil quality index with VNIR Reflectance Spectroscopy (Jul 2013)
item Factors affecting soil phosphorus and potassium estimation by reflectance spectroscopy (Jul 2013)
item Phytotoxicity assessment for potential biological control of leafy spurge by soilborne microorganisms (Jul 2013)
item Adjustment of corn nitrogen in-season fertilization based on soil texture and weather conditions: a Meta-analysis of North American trials (Jun 2013)
item A Meta-Analysis quantifying the relationships between response to nitrogen fertilization vs soil texture and weather (Apr 2013)
item Validation testing of a soil macronutrient sensing system (Mar 2013)
item Modeling soil electrical conductivity-depth relationships with data from proximal and penetrating ECa sensors (Mar 2013)
item Automated sensing of hydroponic macronutrients using a computer-controlled system with an array of ion-selective electrodes (Feb 2013)
item Corn response to nitrogen is influenced by soil texture and weather (Feb 2013)
item Environmental implications of herbicide resistance: soil biology and ecology (Feb 2013)
item Relating mobile sensor soil strength to penetrometer cone index (Feb 2013)
item Interactions between glyphosate, Fusarium infection of waterhemp, and soil microorganisms (Dec 2012)
item Comparing LAI estimates of corn and soybean from vegetation indices of multi-resolution satellite images (Dec 2012)
item Relationships among water-stable aggregates and organic matter fractions under conservation management (Nov 2012)
item Response surface models of subsoil K concentration for loess over till soils in Missouri (Nov 2012)
item Agronomic and soil management lessons learned planting 13,000 acres of Miscanthus in the U.S. Midwest (Oct 2012)
item Soil microbiology under drought stress (Oct 2012)
item Phytotoxicity assessment for potential biological control of leafy spurge by soilborne microorganisms (Sep 2012)
item Corn response to nitrogen is influenced by soil texture and weather (Sep 2012)
item Soil health, plant-microbial interactions and relationships with herbicides (Sep 2012)
item Watershed-scale land-use mapping with satellite imagery (Jul 2012)
item Comparison of two spectrometers for profile soil carbon sensing (Jul 2012)
item Yield Editor 2.0: software for automated removal of yield map errors (Jul 2012)
item Sustainable cropping systems using cover crops, native species field borders and riparian buffers for environmental quality (Jul 2012)
item Water and nitrogen use efficiency of corn and switchgrass on claypan soil landscapes (Jul 2012)
item Issues in analysis of soil-landscape effects in a large regional yield map collection (Jul 2012)
item Estimating soil quality indicators with diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (Jul 2012)
item Automated yield map delay identification using phase correlation methodology (Jun 2012)
item Comparative breakeven analysis of annual grain and perennial switchgrass cropping systems (Feb 2012)
item Corn hybrid growth stage influence on crop reflectance sensing (Dec 2011)
item Assessing nitrogen management and claypan soil variability effects on switchgrass using reflectance sensing (Nov 2011)
item Soil Survey Grain Productivity and Productivity Risk Assessment with Yield Map Data (Oct 2011)
item Large Extent Spatial Models of Grain Yield: Where Are the Marginal Areas? (Oct 2011)
item Yield, energy production, and nitrogen loss potential of grain and switchgrass cropping systems compared over claypan soil landscapes (Oct 2011)
item Knowledge-based soil inference modeling for estimating soil productivity and grain yield in north-central Missouri (Oct 2011)
item Precision agricultural systems: a model of integrative science and technology (Oct 2011)
item Influence of conservation management practices on indicators of soil quality in a claypan agroecosystem (Oct 2011)
item Proximal soil sensing to parameterize spatial environmental modeling (Oct 2011)
item Are soil carbon models transferable across distinct regions or scales in Florida? (Oct 2011)
item Spatially-explicit and spectral soil carbon modeling in Florida (Oct 2011)
item Sensor-based nitrogen applications out-performed producer-chosen rates for corn in on-farm demonstrations (Oct 2011)
item Nadir and oblique canopy reflectance sensing for N application in corn (Aug 2011)
item Estimation of soil quality characteristics using reflectance spectroscopy (Aug 2011)
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