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Residue Decomposition
item Soil degradation: Will humankind ever learn? (Sep 2015)
item Balancing energy, conservation, and soil health requirements for plant biomass (Sep 2015)
item Corn stover nutrient removal estimates for Central Iowa, U.S.A. (Jul 2015)
item Corn stover nutrient removal estimates for central Iowa (Jul 2015)
item Chemical composition of organic matter in a deep soil changed with a positive priming effect due to glucose addition as investigated by 13C NMR spectroscopy (Jun 2015)
item Is cellulosic biofuel a threat or driver for soil conservation? (May 2015)
item Chapter 14 -- Case studies (Apr 2015)
item Soil quality impacts of current South American agricultural practices (Feb 2015)
item Foliar application of plant growth-promoting bacteria and humic acid increase maize yields (Jan 2015)
item Carbon and macronutrient loss during accelerated erosion under different tillage and residue management systems (Dec 2014)
item Suggested strategies to attract reviewers for soil & tillage research submissions (Dec 2014)
item The author’s opportunity and obligation (Dec 2014)
item Vertical distribution of structural components in corn stover (Nov 2014)
item Soil and water conservation: Our history and future challenges (Sep 2014)
item Surface soil quality in five midwestern cropland Conservation Effects Assessment Project watersheds (Sep 2014)
item Influence of foliar copper and nickel applications on sugarcane yields in brown rust infested fields in Louisiana (Jul 2014)
item Biochar impact on Midwestern mollisols and maize nutrient availability (May 2014)
item Determination of humic and fulvic acids in commercial solid and liquid humic products by alkaline extraction and gravimetric determination (May 2014)
item Similarities in chemical composition of soil organic matter across a millennia-old paddy soil chronosequence as revealed by advanced solid-state NMR spectroscopy (May 2014)
item Modeled impacts of cover crops and vegetative barriers on corn stover availability and soil quality (Apr 2014)
item Kinetics of short-term root-carbon mineralization in roots of biofuel crops in soils (Mar 2014)
item Utilizing LEAF to increase biomass feedstock supplies from agricultural land (Mar 2014)
item Crop residues (Mar 2014)
item Selected global examples of cellulosic cropping system trends (Mar 2014)
item Crop residue considerations for sustainable biomass feedstock supplies (Feb 2014)
item Crop residue considerations for sustainable bioenergy feedstock supplies (Feb 2014)
item Multi-location corn stover harvest effects on crop yields and nutrient removal (Feb 2014)
item Development of sustainable corn stover harvest strategies for cellulosic ethanol (Feb 2014)
item Dew-worms in white nights: High latitude light constrains earthworm (Lumbricus terrestris) behaviour at the soil surface (Feb 2014)
item Future prospects for corn as a biofuel crop (Jan 2014)
item Double cropping opportunities for biomass crops in the North Central USA (Jan 2014)
item Landscape management for sustainable supplies of bioenergy feedstock and enhanced soil quality (Dec 2013)
item Corn stover harvest strategy effects on grain yield and soil quality indicators (Dec 2013)
item Resource Assessment and Tools (Dec 2013)
item Standards, Certification, and Indicators for Biofuel Sustainability: A review of the CSBP, BMAS and Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) (Dec 2013)
item Tillage and crop rotation effects on soil quality in two Iowa fields (Jul 2013)
item Effect of no-till and extended rotation on nutrient losses in surface runoff (Jun 2013)
item Thirty-year tillage effects on crop yield and soil fertility indicators (Jun 2013)
item Micro-Bowen ratio system for measuring evapotranspiration in a vineyard interrow (May 2013)
item On-farm evaluation of a humic product in Iowa (U.S.) maize production (Feb 2013)
item Abundant and stable char residues in soils: Implications for soil fertility and carbon sequestration (Feb 2013)
item Evaluation of a proposed standardized analytical method for the determination of humic and fulvic acids in commercial products (Feb 2013)
item Integrated physical-chemical procedure for soil organic carbon frationation and characterization during transition to organic farming (Feb 2013)
item Chemical properties of humic and fulvic acid products and their ores of origin (Feb 2013)
item Corn grain, stover yield and nutrient removal validations at regional partnership sites (Jan 2013)
item Fall conservation deep tillage stabilizes maize residues into soil organic matter (Nov 2012)
item Comparative losses of nutrients and sediment in surface runoff from watersheds in conservation tillage and reduced-input management practices (Oct 2012)
item Biochar mitigation of allelopathy induced yield loss in continuous maize (Oct 2012)
item Soil management challenges in response to climatic change (Oct 2012)
item Corn grain, stover yield, and nutrient removal validations at regional partnership sites (Oct 2012)
item Corn stover harvest strategy effects on grain yield and soil quality indicators (Sep 2012)
item Landscape management for sustainable feedstock supplies and enhanced soil quality (Sep 2012)
item The Birkás influence on international soil management research and education (Sep 2012)
item Degree of woody encroachment into grasslands controls soil carbohydrate and amino compound changes during long-term laboratory incubation (Aug 2012)
item Changes to soil organic N dynamics with leguminous woody plant encroachment into grasslands (Aug 2012)
item Biochar mitigation of allelopathy induced yield loss in continuous maize (Aug 2012)
item Cropland CEAP soil quality assessment update (Jul 2012)
item Energy issues affecting corn/soybean systems: Challenges for sustainable production (Jan 2012)
item Quantities and qualities of physical and chemical fractions of soil organic matter under a rye cover crop (Oct 2011)
item Soil quality assessment: John Doran's challenge and the scientific community response (Oct 2011)
item Impacts of humic product application on yields of potato and other field crops (Oct 2011)
item Types of Carbon Compounds That Accumulate Under No-Tillage In Rice-Based Rotations (Oct 2011)
item Crop stubble needs and opportunities (Oct 2011)
item The importance of pre-conversion technologies for coupling sustainable bioenergy land use to biomass trade (Sep 2011)
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