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Fundamental Processes - Erosion
item Diurnal Patterns of Blowing Dust on the Llano Estacado (Nov 2015)
item Long term tillage, cover crop and fertilization effects on microbial community structure and activity: Implications on soil quality (Oct 2015)
item Phylogenetic changes in soil bacterial communities as CRP land is converted back to cropland (Jun 2015)
item Manipulation of soil microbes using higher biomass cropping systems to sustain soil health in cotton-based agroecosystems (Jun 2015)
item Predominant Microbial Assemblages and Enzyme Activities during Record Drought and Heat in Agricultural Soils (Jun 2015)
item Soil quality index comparisons using Fort Cobb Oklahoma watershed-scale land management data (Jan 2015)
item An improved dust emission model: Part 1: Model description and comparison against measurements (Dec 2014)
item Wind erosion induced soil degradation in Northern China: Status, measures and perspective (Dec 2014)
item Diffuse-reflectance mid-infrared spectrocopy reveals chemical differences in soil organic matter carried in different size wind eroded sediments (Dec 2014)
item Soil microbial communities and metabolic function of a Northern Alabama forest ecosystem (Nov 2014)
item Soil C dynamics in a 26-year CRP chronosequence on an Amarillo fine sandy loam (Nov 2014)
item Spatial variability of soil erodibility at the field scale (Nov 2014)
item Phytogeographic retrospective in ecotonal areas guided by soil attributes (Oct 2014)
item Isolation and characterization of Chilembwe and Sinda Rock Phosphate solubilizing soil microorganisms (Sep 2014)
item Detecting Patterns of Aeolian Transport Direction (Aug 2014)
item Adventures in using a portable wind tunnel (Jul 2014)
item Biochar (Jun 2014)
item Assessment of near-surface soil carbon content across several U.S. cropland watersheds (May 2014)
item Soil Enzyme Activities as Affected by Manure Types, Application Rates and Management Practices (Apr 2014)
item Soil enzyme activities during the 2011 Texas record drought/heat wave and implications to biogeochemical cycling and organic matter dynamics (Mar 2014)
item Soil microbial characteristics and seed bank dynamics of stock-piled top soils in ther western Rio Grande Plains (Feb 2014)
item Effects of Tanglehead (Heteropogon contortus) invasion on ecosystem processes in the Texas Coastal Sandsheet (Feb 2014)
item Soil Enzyme Activities, Microbial Communities and Carbon and Nitrogen Availability in Organic Agroecosystems Across an Intensively-Managed Agricultural Landscape (Jan 2014)
item Organic carbon dynamics and soil stability in five semiarid agroecosystems (Dec 2013)
item Soil microbial community structure and functionality during grassland restoration in the Texas High Plains (Nov 2013)
item How surface mounds and depressions change during rainfall events (Nov 2013)
item Estimation of USLE K-values with a process-based approach (Nov 2013)
item Effects of Tanglehead (Heteropogon contortus) invasion on ecosystem processes in the Texas Coastal Sandsheet (Nov 2013)
item An evaluation of the impact of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on soil microbial community structure and functional diversity (Oct 2013)
item Using fluidized bed and flume experiments to quantify cohesion development from aging and drainage (Sep 2013)
item Aggregate Carbon Pools after 13 Years of Integrated Crop-Livestock Management in Semiarid Soils (Sep 2013)
item Soil property effects on wind erosion of organic soils (Sep 2013)
item Field wind tunnel testing of two silt loam soils on the North American Central High Plains (Sep 2013)
item Evaluation of the Precision Agricultural Landscape Modeling System (PALMS) in the Semiarid Texas Southern High Plains (Jul 2013)
item Feedstock and Processes Affect Environmental Properties of Biochars (Jul 2013)
item Characterization of six phosphate-dissolving bacteria isolated from rhizospheric soils in Mali (Jul 2013)
item A soil quality and metabolic activity assessment after fifty-seven years of agricultural management (May 2013)
item Raindrop and flow interactions for interrill erosion with wind-driven rain (Apr 2013)
item Mapping the Llano Estacado of North America (Apr 2013)
item Soil Fungal Distribution and Functionality as Affected by Grazing and Vegetation Components of Integrated Crop-Livestock Agroecosystems (Apr 2013)
item Portable wind tunnels for field testing of soils and natural surfaces (Mar 2013)
item Influence of corn stover harvest on soil quality assessments at multiple locations across the U.S. (Jan 2013)
item Contribution of soil lead in children: A study from New Orleans, LA (Dec 2012)
item Improved parameterization for the vertical flux of dust aerosols emitted by an eroding soil (Dec 2012)
item Post-disturbance dust emissions in dry lands: the role of anthropogenic and climatic factors (Dec 2012)
item Use of Rare Earth Elements in investigations of aeolian processes (Dec 2012)
item Dust from southern Africa: rate of emission and biogeochemical properties (Dec 2012)
item Effect of soil texture and chemical properties on laboratory-generated dust emissions from SW North America (Dec 2012)
item Preliminary results of dust emission data from Yellow Lake Playa, West Texas, USA (Nov 2012)
item Microbial Community Composition and Functionality As Affected by An Integrated Crop-Livestock System Compared to Continuous Cotton (Oct 2012)
item Soil Ecosystem Recovery Should Be Quantifiable (Oct 2012)
item Methods to Link Microorganisms to Their Ecosytem Services (Oct 2012)
item Biomass Accretion and Yield of Erect Leafed and Conventional Sorghum at Low and High Population Densities (Oct 2012)
item Impacts of an integrated crop-livestock system on soil properties to enhance precipitation capture (Oct 2012)
item Using Rare Earth Elements (REE) to determine wind-driven soil dispersal from a point source (Oct 2012)
item Influence of corn stover harvest on soil quality assessments at multiple locations across the U.S. (Oct 2012)
item Integrating cotton and beef production to reduce water withdrawal from the Ogallala Aquifer in the Southern High Plains: I. Ten-years of effect on water use and productivity (Sep 2012)
item Test of the Rosetta Pedotransfer Function for saturated hydraulic conductivity (Sep 2012)
item Interactions of Soil Order and Land Use Management on Soil Properties in the Kukart Watershed, Kyrgyzstan (Jul 2012)
item Soil microbial communties and enzyme activities in soils during historically extreme drought conditions in the USA (Jul 2012)
item Pyrosequencing reveals bacteria carried in different wind eroded sediments (Jul 2012)
item Using Rare Earth Element (REE) tracers to identify preferential micro-sites of post-fire aeolian erosion (Jul 2012)
item The role of subsurface hydrology in soil erosion and channel network development on a laboratory hillslope (Jul 2012)
item Challenges and limitations in studying the shrink-swell and crack dynamics of vertisol soils (Jun 2012)
item Technical Note: Orientation of cracks and hydrology in a shrink-swell soil (Jun 2012)
item Effect of wind averaging time on wind erosivity estimation (Jun 2012)
item Pyrosequencing reveal distinct bacteria are carried in different wind eroded sediments from the same soil (Jun 2012)
item High rates of surface-applied FGD-gypsum decrease soil P availability under short-term flooding (May 2012)
item A simplified close range photogrammetric technique for soil erosion assessment (Apr 2012)
item Sea surface temperature (SST) and rainfall erosivity in the Upper Grande River Basin, Southeast Brazil (Mar 2012)
item Potential dust production from wind-erodible soils on the Southern High Plains and Chihuahuan Desert: preliminary figures (Feb 2012)
item Dust emissions of organic soils observed in the field and laboratory (Feb 2012)
item Using Rare Earth Element (REE) tracers to identify preferential micro-sites of post-fire aeolian erosion (Feb 2012)
item Factors affecting soil cohesion (Jan 2012)
item Aggregate stratification assessment of soil bacterial communities and organic matter composition: Coupling pyrosequencing and mid-infrared spectroscopy techniques (Oct 2011)
item Soil fungal community and fuctional diversity assessments of agroecosystems in the Southern High Plains (Oct 2011)
item Soil enzyme activities as affected by manure types, rates and tillage practices (Oct 2011)
item The effects of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on soil microbial community functional and structural diversity (Oct 2011)
item Cellulosic ethanol production of forage sorghum under deficit irrigation (Oct 2011)
item Soil microbial dynamics in alternative cropping systems to monoculture cotton in the Southern High Plains (Oct 2011)
item Soil microbial communities associated to plant rhizospheres in an organic farming system in Alabama (Oct 2011)
item Mapping the Llano Estacado (Oct 2011)
item Responses of enzyme activities in sandy soils to cropping system changes in a semiarid region (Oct 2011)
item Characterization of microbes carried in dust (Sep 2011)
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