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ARS Research in Biobased Products & BioEnergy
Tuesday, October 28, 2003
ARS and USDA's Assistant Secretary for Administration are offering online training on implementing Section 9002 of the 2002 Farm Bill, mandatory federal purchase of biobased products. The Beltsville Agriculture Research Center success story is being used as a case study.

As the principal in-house research agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) has been conducting research to find new uses for agricultural commodities and byproducts for over 60 years. Research related to biobased products focuses on developing technologies leading to new and improved non-food products- including fuels- that expand markets for farm products, replace imports and petroleum-based products, and offer opportunity to meet environmental needs. Research also addresses the development of appropriate feedstocks for biobased products and bioenergy.

ARS Research in Bioenergy is conducted primarily within the Bioenergy and Energy Alternatives National Program.

ARS Research in Biobased Products is conducted primarily within the Quality and Utilization of Agricultural Products National Program.

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ARS Biobased technologies are available through our technology transfer and partnering programs.

ARS is a member of the USDA Biobased Products Coordination Council.

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