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Title: Fluid Bed Drying of Cryptococcus Nodaensis Oh 182.9: a Biocontrol Agent of Fusarium Head Blight


Submitted to: National Fusarium Head Blight Forum Proceedings
Publication Type: Proceedings
Publication Acceptance Date: November 18, 2005
Publication Date: December 13, 2005
Citation: Dunlap, C.A., Schisler, D.A. 2005. Fluid bed drying of Cryptococcus nodaensis OH 182.9: A biocontrol agent of fusarium head blight [abstract]. National Fusarium Head Blight Forum Proceedings. p.190-192.

Technical Abstract: Cryptococcus nodaensis (nomen nudem) OH 182.9 (NRRL Y-30216) has been shown to be effective in controlling Fusarium head blight (FHB) in greenhouse and field studies. In an effort to transform C. nodaensis into a commercially viable FHB biological control option, studies in our laboratory have been performed to optimize biomass production and bioefficacy. Additional research is still needed to develop cost-effective methods of drying and stabilizing C. nodaensis for a suitable shelf-life. Optimization of the formulation and application parameters are crucial steps in the product development process. The current work evaluates the feasibility of using fluid bed drying to remove water and stabilize C. nodaensis. The results show fluid bed drying is a viable option for producing granules of C. nodaensis with limited loss of viability.

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