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item Drake, Stephen
item Drake, M. - N. C. STATE UNIV.
item Drake, S. - N. C. STATE UNIV.
item Elfving, D. - WASHINGTON ST. UNIV.
item Eisele, T. - TREE TOP INC.

Submitted to: International Food Technology Meeting Abstracts
Publication Type: Proceedings
Publication Acceptance Date: June 15, 2003
Publication Date: January 15, 2004
Citation: Drake, S.R., Drake, M.A., Drake, S.L., Elfving, D.C., Eisele, T.A. 2004. The influence of bioregulators on the instrumental and sensory quality of apples and apple juice (malus x domestica borkh.) [abstract]. International Food Technology Meeting. July 12-13. p. 115.

Technical Abstract: Fresh market apples are a popular consumer product. To maximize apple quality, pre-harvest and postharvest treatments to accelerate or retard ripening are often applied. Control over the ripening process would maximize quality and consumer acceptance. Ethephon (ETH) stimulates ripening in apples while aminoethoxyvinylglycine (AVG) and 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) inhibit ethylene biosynthesis in apple fruit and retards ripening. The objective of this study was to determine if these three bioregulators could beneficially affect the objective and sensory quality of 'Scarletspur Delicious' and 'Gale Gala' apples. This study was conducted using mature 'Scarletspur Delicious' and 'Gale Gala' apple trees. Prior to harvest bioregulators (AVG @ 125 ppm and ETH @ 150 ppm) were applied alone or in combinations. Untreated trees served as controls. After harvest, 0ne-half of all bioregulator treatments were treated with 1-MCP (1 ppm). Apples were stored in controlled atmosphere (CA) and evaluated after 120 days. ETH alone increased red color, soluble solids, and sensory flavor acceptance, but reduced firmness and acids during storage. AVG alone reduced red color, total soluble solids, and sensory flavor acceptance (whole and juice), but helped maintain firmness, acids, and sensory texture. AVG and ETH combined increased color and total soluble solids and reduced loss of firmness, acids, and sensory quality (whole and juice) during storage. Combining AVG with ETH permitted the delay of harvest with little loss in storability. 1-MCP alone reduced the loss of firmness and acids during storage, but use of 1-MP alone reduced sensory flavor and preference scores for both fresh apples and apple juice when compared to juice from control fruit. 1-MCP combined with ETH allowed for good color, firmness, acids, sensory texture and flavor. Response to bioregulators was more pronounced in 'Scarletspur Delicious' than 'Gale Gala' apples.

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