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Title: A Review of the New World Leafhopper Subgenus Texananus (Iowanus) Ball (Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae) with a Checklist and Distribution Summary for Species in the Genus

item McKamey, Stuart

Submitted to: Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington
Publication Type: Peer Reviewed Journal
Publication Acceptance Date: March 31, 1999
Publication Date: N/A

Interpretive Summary: Many Plant diseases are spread principally by homopteran insects of the family Cicadellidae (leafhoppers), causing hundreds of millions of dollars of crop loss annually worldwide. The leafhopper genus Texananus is a vector of the aster yellows virus in the western United States. In order to work effectively with these pests, it is vital that there be a one-to- one correspondence of names and species, and identification aids. However there is no single source listing all species of Texananus, and within the subgenus Texananus (Iowanus) there are more names than species, and species are not readily identifiable. This paper provides a checklist to all species in the genus, and attains a one-to-one correspondence of names to species and provides a key to identify all species of the subgenus Texananus (Iowanus). It will be important for governmental (including APHIS), agricultural, and research workers in the study of virus transmission and systematics.

Technical Abstract: The taxonomy of the subgenus Texananus (Iowanus) is reviewed. Oman's less restrictive concept of the genus is accepted, the subgenus being diagnosed by the presence of hooklike appendages arising from the internal wall of the male pygofer. The known range of Texananus (Iowanus) apicalis Delong and Hershberger (=Texananus copalanus DeLong and Martinson, new synonymy) is extended from Mexico southward to Panama and the external and genitalic variations in Central American specimens are described. The Venezuelan species Texananus (Iowanus) contaminatus Linnavuori is reinstated as a valid species and the male is described for the first time; its paratype, from Mexico, is a misidentified female of Texananus (Iowanus) apicalis. The following species are newly placed to subgenus: Texananus (Iowanus) plummeri DeLong, T. ((Texananus) barbus DeLong, T.(T.) biacus DeLong, T.(T.) bilicium DeLong, T.(T.) cuspidatus DeLong, T.(T.) hosanus (Ball), T.(T.) serrellus DeLong, T.(T.) uncinatus DeLong, and T.(T.) uncus DeLong.

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