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item Tyler, Brett - VA POLYTECHNIC INST
item Tripathy, Sucheta - VA POLYTECHNIC INST
item Xuemin, Zhang - VA POLYTECHNIC INST
item Dehal, Paramvir - JOINT GENOME INST
item Jiang, Rays - VA POLYTECHNIC INST
item Aerts, Andrea - JOINT GENOME INST
item Arredondo, Felipe - VA POLYTECHNIC INST
item Benasson, Douda - JOINT GENOME INST
item Damasceno, Cynthia - CORNELL UNIV
item Dickerman, Allan - VA POLYTECHNIC INST
item Dorrance, Anne - OHIO STATE UNIV
item Dou, Daolong - VA POLYTECHNIC INST
item Dubchak, Inna - BERKELEY NATL LAB
item Garbelotto, Matteo - UNIV OF CALIFORNIA
item Gijzen, Mark - AG & AG-FOOD CANADA
item Gordon, Stuart - OHIO STATE UNIV
item Govers, Francine - WAGENINGEN UNIV
item Grunwald, Niklaus - USDA, CORVALLIS, OR
item Huang, Wayne - JOINT GENOME INST
item Ivors, Kelly - NC STATE UNIV
item Jones, Richard
item Kamoun, Sophien - OHIO STATE UNIV
item Konstantinos, Krampis - VA POLYTECHNIC INST
item Lamour, Kurt - UNIV OF TENNESSEE
item Lee, Mi-Kyung - TEXAS A&M UNIV
item Mcdonald, W - OAK RIDGE NATL LAB
item Medina, Monica - JOINT GENOME INST
item Meijer, Harold - WAGENINGEN UNIV
item Nordberg, Eric - VA POLYTECHNIC INST
item Maclean, Donald - UNIV OF QUEENSLAND
item Ospina-Giraldo, Manuel - WILKES UNIV
item Morris, Paul - BOWLING GREEN STATE U
item Phuntumart, Vipaporn - BOWLING GREEN STATE U
item Putnam, Nicholas - JOINT GENOME INST
item Rash, Sam - JOINT GENOME INST
item Rose, Jocelyn - CORNELL UNIV
item Sakihama, Yasuko - HOKKAIDO UNIV
item Salamov, Asaf - JOINT GENOME INST
item Savidor, Alon - UNIV OF TENNESSEE
item Scheuring, Chantel - TEXAS A&M UNIV
item Smith, Brian - VA POLYTECHNIC INST
item Sobral, Bruno - VA POLYTECHNIC INST
item Terry, Astrid - JOINT GENOME INST
item Torto-Alalibo, Trudy - VA POLYTECHNIC INST
item Win, Joe - OHIO STATE UNIV
item Xu, Zhanyou - TEXAS A&M UNIV
item Zhang, Hongbin - TEXAS A&M UNIV
item Grigoriev, Igor - JOINT GENOME INST
item Rokhsar, Daniel - JOINT GENOME INST
item Boore, Jeffrey - JOINT GENOME INST

Submitted to: Science
Publication Type: Peer Reviewed Journal
Publication Acceptance Date: July 18, 2006
Publication Date: September 1, 2006
Citation: Tyler, B.M., Tripathy, S., Xuemin, Z., Dehal, P., Jiang, R.H., Aerts, A., Arredondo, F., Baxter, L., Benasson, D., Beynon, J.L., Damasceno, C.M., Dickerman, A., Dorrance, A.E., Dou, D., Dubchak, I., Garbelotto, M., Gijzen, M., Gordon, S., Govers, F., Grunwald, N., Huang, W., Ivors, K., Jones, R.W., Kamoun, S., Konstantinos, K., Lamour, K., Lee, M., Mcdonald, W.H., Medina, M., Meijer, H.J., Nordberg, E., Maclean, D.J., Ospina-Giraldo, M.D., Morris, P., Phuntumart, V., Putnam, N., Rash, S., Rose, J.K., Sakihama, Y., Salamov, A., Savidor, A., Scheuring, C., Smith, B., Sobral, B.W., Terry, A., Torto-Alalibo, T., Win, J., Xu, Z., Zhang, H., Grigoriev, I., Rokhsar, D., Boore, J. 2006. Phytophthora genome sequences uncover evolutionary origins and mechanisms of pathogenesis. Science. 313:1261-1266.

Interpretive Summary: DNA from two important plant pathogens have been assembled and put in sequence. This allows scientist to compare the two related pathogens with other organisms whose DNA sequence has been determined, and determine evolutionary origins. The two pathogens are responsible for billions of dollars in losses to soybeans, trees and shrubs. The DNA sequence provides a map for determining which genes may be important in causing the diseases that result in large economic and aesthetic losses. This information will be used initially by scientist involved in preventing plant disease.

Technical Abstract: Draft genome sequences of the soybean pathogen Phytophthora sojae and the sudden oak death pathogen Phytophthora ramorum have been determined. Oomycetes such as these Phytophthora species share the kingdom Stramenopiles with photosynthetic algae such as diatoms, and the Phytophthora sequences suggest that the kingdom’s ancestor harbored a photosynthetic endosymbiont. Comparison of the two species’ genomes reveals a rapid expansion and diversification of protein families associated with plant infection such as hydrolases, ABC transporters, protein toxins, proteinase inhibitors and in particular a superfamily of 700 proteins with similarity to known oomycete avirulence genes.

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