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Title: Genetic Resistances to Potato Leafroll Virus, Potato Virus Y, and Green Peach Aphid in Progeny of S. Etuberosum.

item Novy, Richard
item Nasruddin, A. - UNIV OF MINNESOTA
item Ragsdale, D. - UNIV OF MINNESOTA
item Radcliffe, E. - UNIV OF MINNESOTA

Submitted to: European Association for Potato Research
Publication Type: Proceedings
Publication Acceptance Date: May 1, 2002
Publication Date: July 1, 2002
Citation: NOVY, R.G., NASRUDDIN, A., RAGSDALE, D.W., RADCLIFFE, E.B. Genetic resistances to potato leafroll virus, potato virus Y, and green peach aphid in progeny of S. etuberosum.. EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR POTATO RESEARCH. 2002.

Technical Abstract: Solanum etuberosum Lindl., a non-tuber-bearing, 1 EBN potato species native to Chile, is notable for having high levels of resistance to potato leafroll virus (PLRV), potato virus X and Y (PVX, PVY), and green peach and potato aphids S. etuberosum also was found to be extremely resistant to PLRV and PVA in the same study. In this study, backcross 2 (BC2) progeny of S. etuberosum (etb) were evaluated for: 1) resistance to green peach aphid, and 2) resistance to PVY and PLRV transmission by viruliferous green peach aphids. In comparisons with the check cultivars, the etb-derived entries had a statistically significant reduction in aphid fecundity and adult body size. Nymph survival also was detrimentally impacted in one BC2 individual. The aphid resistance derived from S. etuberosum also was reflected in reduced aphid numbers in timed counts conducted in the field and cage trials. Similar to findings of PVY resistance in the BC1 generation of S. etuberosum (Novy and Helgeson 1994), all BC2 clones (derived from a PVY-resistant BC1) were identified as having resistance, with significantly fewer PVY-infected tubers than susceptible Russet Burbank. PLRV resistance was identified in two of the five etb-derived clones, based on the results of the field and cage trial. A test of independence of virus resistances led to the acceptance of the hypothesis that PLRV and PVY resistances are conferred by independent genetic mechanisms. Two BC2 clones, Etb 6-21-3 and Etb 6-21-5 were identified as having multiple resistances to PLRV, PVY, and green peach aphid. These selections are female fertile and could prove useful to potato breeders in the development of virus-resistant potato cultivars.

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