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Research Programs and Projects at this Location
ARS research is organized into National Programs. Within each National Program are research projects. Listed below are the National Programs and research projects currently conducted at this location.

Clicking on a National Program (NP) will take you to the main ARS site for more information on the program. Clicking on a research project title will take you to more information on the project.

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Food Animal Production (NP #101)
Strategies to Optimize Meat Quality and Composition of Red Meat Animals
Water Holding Capacity Mechanisms of Meat
(Nonfunded Cooperative Agreement)
Relationship Between Longissimus Slice Shear Force and Slice Shear Force of Gluteus Medius and Biceps Femoris (Top Sirloin Cap)...
Food Safety, (animal and plant products) (NP #108)
Exploring Genomic Differences and Ecological Reservoirs to Control Foodborne Pathogens
Pathogen Mitigation in Livestock and Red Meat Production
Prevention of Pathogen Transmission from Animal Manure to Food, Water, and Environment
Solutions for the Food Safety Threat Posed by Salmonella in the Lymph Nodes of Cattle Presented for Harvest
Technologies As Multiple Hurdles to Inactivate Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia Coli & Viruses During Beef Processing & on Non-Intact Beef
Understanding Composition of Bovine Colonic Microbiota and Predisposition to Ehec Colonization As Complex Polygenic Traits in Beef Cattle
Hide-on Carcass Wash System with Thermal/chemical Dehairing and Mechanical Scraping
Prevalence and Enumeration of Antimicrobial Resistant Escherichia Coli and Salmonella Throughout the Beef Production Continuum
Last Modified: 4/14/2011
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