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Research Projects Subjects of Investigation at this Location
Each ARS research project has related subjects of investigation. Listed below are the subjects of investigation currently conducted at this location.

Clicking on a subject of investigation will list the research projects within that subject of investigation.

Subjects of Investigation
Citrus, general/other
Ornamental trees and shrubs
Ornamentals and turf, general/other (includes cacti)
Table grapes
Vegetables, general/other
Wine grapes
Research Projects within Table grapes
item Developing an Infrastructure and Product Test Pipeline to Deliver Novel Therapies for Citrus Greening Disease
item Development of CDNA Microarrays for Gene Expression Research in Floricultural Crops
item Development of Novel Insect Control Strategies Based on RNAi and Insect Deterrent Proteins for Insect Pests of Citrus
item Genetic Basis and Effect of Diet on Color Polymorphism in the Diaprepes Root Weevil
item High-Throughput Inoculation of Trangenic Citrus for Huanglongbing (HLB) Resistance
item Identification of Bacillius Thuringiensis EndoToxins Active Against Adult Asian Citrus Psyllid
item IPM Methods for Insect Pests of Orchard Crops
item Is there Natural Variation in the Ability of the Asian Citrus Psyllid to Vector Citrus Greening Disease?
item Large-scale Mating Disruption of Citrus Leafminer for Validation and Product Launch
item Not All Psyllids Are Created Equal: Why Do Some Transmit Liberibacter And Others Do Not?
item Not All Psyllids Are Created Equal: Why Do Some Transmit Liberibacter and Others Do Not? (#15-5300-163B)
item Rear and Release Psyllids as Biological Control Agents-An Economical and Feasible Mid-Term Solution for Huanglongbing (HLB) Disease
item Targeting microbes to control HBL disease of citrus
item Transcriptome and Small Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) Profiling Studies in the Asian Citrus Psyllid
item Why is Poncirus Trifoliata Resistant to Colonization by Asian Citrus Psyllid?
Last Modified: 7/27/2016
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