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Research Projects Subjects of Investigation at this Location
Each ARS research project has related subjects of investigation. Listed below are the subjects of investigation currently conducted at this location.

Clicking on a subject of investigation will list the research projects within that subject of investigation.

Subjects of Investigation
Bees, honey, and other pollinators, general
Hard red spring wheat
Hard red winter wheat
Mountain grasslands, meadow, and alpine
Rangelands and grasslands, general
Research Projects within Hard red spring wheat
item Determining the Prevalence of the Entomopathogenic Fungus, Beauveria spp., in Diapausing Wheat Stem Sawfly Larvae
item Drought Influences on Wheat Stem Sawfly (C. cinctus) Outbreaks and Control by its Natural Enemies
item Ecology and Management of Grasshoppers and Other Rangeland and Crop Insects in the Great Plains
item Is the Insect Pathogen Beauveria Bassiana, Derived from Wheat Stem Sawfly, Endophytic in Wheat, and thus a Potential Biocontrol?
Last Modified: 7/17/2014
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