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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Research Project: Assessment of Aquatic Weeds and Their Impacts on Mosquitoes; and Reduction of Pesticide Use in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta

Location: Exotic and Invasive Weeds Research

Project Number: 2030-22000-029-02
Project Type: Specific Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Sep 15, 2014
End Date: Jun 29, 2019

To assess non-target effects of Areawide aquatic weed control operations on mosquitos and other organisms impacted by weed control activities, to determine key agricultural nutrient and pesticide inputs that could influence weed growth and control, and to identify biocontrol-based and integrated pest management strategies to reduce pesticide and fertilizer use while controlling specialty crop insect pests in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

1. Field sampling and experiments will be conducted to determine impact of aquatic weed species and control on mosquito populations. 2. Key agricultural fertilizer and pesticide inputs will be identified based on information on Delta cropping systems and potential discharge locations, and this information will be provided to USDA-ARS and NASA collaborators, and will be used to design experiments to examine effects on biological control of water hyacinth. 3. Postdoctoral studies on the integration of existing biocontrol agents with pesticide and fertilizer application regimes, and/or on the biology, efficacy, and ecology of new biocontrol agents for insect pests of Delta specialty crops, will be conducted to develop strategies to reduce pesticide and fertilizer use. 4. Project progress will be documented through annual reports, presentations at technical planning meetings and for stakeholders, and in manuscripts submitted to peer-reviewed journals.

Last Modified: 8/24/2016
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