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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Research Project: The Molecular and Genetic Control of Tree Architecture in Prunus Persica (Peach)

Location: Appalachian Fruit Research Laboratory

Project Number: 8080-21000-023-09
Project Type: Reimbursable

Start Date: Apr 15, 2012
End Date: Apr 14, 2017

The long term goal is to develop knowledge and biotechnology strategies that can be used for effective manipulation of tree architecture traits and produce superior tree forms that improve productivity, reduce management costs, and more efficiently utilize natural resources. Here, we propose to: 1) identify causative genetic differences responsible for five single locus architecture traits in peach (pillar, compact, forked, weeping, and brachytic dwarf) and 2) perform preliminary physiological and molecular characterization of the underlying genes.

This work will be accomplished using a new strategy pioneered by the PDs that enables rapid identification of a single or small number of candidate genes responsible for single locus traits in peach. Briefly, it involves sequencing pooled genomes from segregating populations using next generation sequencing technologies. The resulting data will be mined for polymorphisms, and allele frequencies from individual genome pools will be calculated. Finally, the frequencies are graphed by chromosome position to simultaneously reveal the physical location of the trait and the causative polymorphism. Identified candidate genes will be confirmed via molecular markers designed from the genome sequences and functional tested by transformation into plum.

Last Modified: 8/24/2016
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