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United States Department of Agriculture

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Location: Cool and Cold Water Aquaculture Research

Project Number: 1930-31000-008-00
Project Type: Appropriated

Start Date: Jan 11, 2005
End Date: Dec 13, 2009

1) Continued development of a rainbow trout genetic map to reveal qualitative and quantitative trait loci affecting traits associated with aquaculture production. 2) Identification and characterization of genes affecting disease resistance, growth, and embryonic development through functional genomic technologies. 3) Development of strategies to implement functional genomic and genetic mapping information into the NCCCWA rainbow trout selective breeding program using bioinformatics. 4) Develop databases and programs to assimilate and coordinate genomic data on the rainbow trout broodstock developed at the NCCCWA. 5) Develop methodology to utilize rainbow trout genomic information in comparative analyses to identify potential critical functional genes and genetic pathways.

Aquaculture is the most rapidly growing segment of U.S. agriculture and the only sustainable option for satisfying the globally increasing demand for seafood products. Although demands in domestic and international markets remain high, the growth of the U.S. rainbow trout aquaculture industry has leveled off. In order to compete, U.S. trout farmers must overcome losses due to diseases and improve the growth characteristics of this species. A major constraint to increasing the production efficiency is the lack of genetically improved aquaculture stocks. One approach to address these problems is genetic improvement through selective breeding. NCCCWA has initiated a multidisciplinary approach to selective breeding of rainbow trout. Coordination of the activities proposed in this Project Plan with ongoing pathogenic disease research being conducted by project "Host, Pathogen, and Environmental Interactions in Cool and Cold Water Aquaculture" and growth, stress, and reproduction research being conducted by project "Utilizing Gentic for Enhancing Cool and Cold Water Aquaculture Production", will allow for the identification of genes affecting important aquaculture production traits. The result will be genome information which will allow for increased understanding of the biological mechanisms controlling these disease resistance, growth, stress, tolerance, and embryonic development and exploitation of positive genetic variation on the NCCCWA selective breeding program.

Last Modified: 10/1/2014
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