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Research Project: Cooperative Biocontrol Introductions Against Exotic Cerambycid Beetles of Mutual Interest to China and the U.S. (Incl. Anoplophora Species)

Location: European Biological Control Laboratory

Project Number: 0212-22000-027-01
Project Type: Nonfunded Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: May 09, 2012
End Date: May 08, 2017

(1) Obtain information on the basic biology, life history and host specificity of natural enemies of invasive insect pests such as citrus longhorned beetle and related cerambycids and other new pests that may arise. (2) Facilitate introduction of natural enemies (mainly parasitic Hymenoptera) of pests of interest to China, the USA, and Europe. (3) Obtain and ship desired natural enemy species to the cooperators.

Assist with field surveys for natural enemies (mainly parasitic Hymenoptera) of target pests (including citrus longhorned beetle, and related cerambycids) and field collections in the United States, Europe or China, depending on where they occur. Collect / provide data on relevant aspects of basic biology, life history, and host specificity of the natural enemies in China, the United States or Europe. Obtain Export and Import permits as needed and ship pure colonies of natural enemies (such as Aprostocetus spp., related Eulophids, other Hymenoptera egg parasitoids, and/ or early stage larva parasitoids) to the destination country for further testing and/ or release against intended target pests.

Last Modified: 8/24/2016
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