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Research Project: Development of Laboratory and Remote Location Measurements of Cotton Color by Portable Color Spectrophotometers (Ci Project # 12-216)

Location: Cotton Structure and Quality Research

2013 Annual Report

1a.Objectives (from AD-416):
The primary objectives of this program are.
1)to establish the feasibility of using portable color spectrophotometers to measure cotton fiber color in the laboratory and at-line, with initial emphasis on Rd;.
2)to develop portable color instrument, sampling, and measurement protocols; and.
3)to implement the laboratory and remote location/at-line fiber color measurements with portable color spectrophotometers.

1b.Approach (from AD-416):
Cotton Incorporated’s Engineered Fiber Selection (EFS) system incorporates color data in order to recommend which bales to be used in a lay-down/mill processing. Recently, it has been reported that some bales, especially those transported overseas, appear to have change significantly in color, especially for yellowness. Cotton Incorporated is interested in “on-site”/remote location measurements of cotton color that will yield “real time” color values, with emphasis on yellowness. The approach for this project will be expanded comparative instrument evaluations to develop sampling and measurement protocols and systems for portable color measurements both in the laboratory and in remote locations. Specific components of the plan of work include.
1)expand the use of Hunterlab MSEZ portable spectrophotometer for +b measurements in remote locations,.
2)feasibility evaluations of the Hunterlab MSEZ for Rd and instrumental parameters, and.
3)procedures/protocols to minimize sample preparation impacts; and.
4)procedures to interface the improved spectrophotometer Rd measurement into the EFS system.

3.Progress Report:

This is the final progress report for this project. Comparisons were performed between five portable color spectrophotometers to determine the inter-instrument agreement between the units. Good agreement was observed for each unit compared to the stated color values for the cotton standards supplied by the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), but small differences between the portable color units was observed. However, for the last four color units obtained (Agency and Cotton Incorporated units), excellent method agreement was observed for cotton fiber diffuse reflectance (Rd) and fiber yellowness (+b) values.

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