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Research Project: Development and Testing of Transgenic Barley Lines Expressing Genes That May Reduce Fhb and Don

Location: Cereal Crops Research

2012 Annual Report

1a.Objectives (from AD-416):
The objective of this research is to transform barley with genes that may reduce Fusarium head blight and/or DON contamination, derive homozygous lines expressing the transgenes, and test the lines in the field.

1b.Approach (from AD-416):
Genes with potential to reduce FHB and DON are being identified by collaborators using model systems. They will send us constructs containing candidate genes which we will insert into barley using particle bombardment and Agrobacterium-mediated transformation techniques. Plants will be regenerated and tested for the presence and expression of the genes. Progeny will be evaluated in the lab to identify homozygous lines. These will be tested in replicated trials in ND and MN to determine the effects on FHB and DON. Genes that improve resistance will be crossed into advanced lines and cultivars to see if the transgenes provide an additive effect with the resistance genes being bred in by traditional methods.

3.Progress Report:

Transformation projects continue with 18 genes, 13 for resistance to FHB and/or DON and five for experiments to improve the transformation efficiency. Plants regenerated are being tested for the presence and expression of the introduced genes. Transgenic plants are being advanced to identify homozygous lines, which will be tested in the field for reaction to Fusarium infection.

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