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United States Department of Agriculture

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Research Project: PRODUCTION OF WHEAT GERMPLASM WITH ENHANCED BAKING QUALITY Project Number: 5325-21430-012-00
Project Type: Appropriated

Start Date: Oct 01, 2010
End Date: May 19, 2013

Determine the genetic basis of wheat end-use properties, specifically the structural attributes of high-molecular-weight glutenins that determine dough strength, the effects of over-expression of gliadins with extra cysteine residues on polymer formation, the types of low-molecular-weight glutenins and gliadins that form the largest and strongest gluten polymers, and the molecular and physiological basis for the increase in grain protein content associated with the presence of a gene introgressed from wild durum wheat. Develop transgenic wheats with high gluten strength whose only non-wheat DNA is a short non-protein-encoding sequence for site-specific recombination.

Use molecular biology to make coding regions for expression of variant gluten proteins in wheat. Use genetic transformation to introduce genes encoding variant and natural gluten proteins into wheat. Characterize transgene inheritance using genetics and transgene expression levels using molecular biology, biochemistry, and cereal chemistry. Determine dough mixing properties and gluten polymer characteristics in flours with transgene-encoded gluten proteins. Collaborate to test transgenes for their effects on wheat grain protein content and agronomic traits in field trials. Replacing 5325-21430-011-00D (June/2010).

Last Modified: 8/28/2016
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