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Research Project: Genomic Approaches to Protect Honey Bees and Deter Crop Pests

Location: Bee Research

Project Number: 8042-21000-277-08
Project Type: Specific Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Sep 15, 2013
End Date: Sep 14, 2015

1) Develop online resources for analyzing and presenting genomic information for honey bees and their responses to pesticides and other threats. 2) Develop the i5K Workspace as an international site for analyzing arthropod (insect, mite, and tick) genomes. 3) Provide a structure for outside researchers to access genomic information from pollinators, crop pests, and other insects of importance to humans. 4) Conduct a field and genomic experiment designed by the Collaborators to give new insights into the effects of pesticides on honey bees.

By leveraging the database resources available at Univ. Maryland, ARS research labs (including the Bee Research Lab) and at the National Agricultural Library, this agreement is to develop a relational database for collecting and displaying insect genomic information. The project will improve a web-based ‘workspace’ where ARS and University scientists in the U.S. and abroad can access insect genomic data and add insights into genetic traits that affect insect health. The database will be based on database types which are standard for both major genomic centers (including the National Institutes of Health) and for library resources at the NAL.

Last Modified: 8/27/2015
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