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Research Project: COUNTERMEASURES TO CONTROL BACTERIAL DISEASES OF CATTLE Project Number: 3625-32000-099-00
Project Type: Appropriated

Start Date: Mar 02, 2010
End Date: Sep 30, 2011

Define the virulence determinants and mechanisms involved with the primary bacteria associated with the bovine respiratory complex (BRDC) focusing on Pasteurella multocida and Mycoplasma bovis infection of mucosal surfaces of the respiratory tract. Design, optimize, and evaluate the interaction, pathology and temporal pathogenesis between selected bacterial and viral agents associated with the BRDC. Examine the modulation of the host immune response in response to infection with select bacteria at the mucosal and cellular level alone and in conjunction with viral co-infections. Develop novel vaccines effective in controlling P. multocida and M. bovis associated with BRDC.

Bacterial infections associated with respiratory disease in cattle cause significant morbidity and mortality in dairy and beef cattle of all ages. As a consequence, bovine respiratory disease causes significant economic losses to the cattle industry. Because of the complexity of this problem, approaches employed will be diverse and will require a multidisciplinary approach and the development of unique tools and methods. A primary goal will be the elucidation of mechanisms involved in immune modulation and the synergism between bacterial and viral/bacterial pathogens contributing to the development of bovine respiratory disease. The proposed research will emphasize respiratory disease in young and adult cattle caused by Pasteurellacae sp. However, Mycoplasma bovis is also a significant problem in the field. Since there is currently no model for Mycoplasma bovis infection of the bovine lung, an additional effort will consider the development of a model to characterize the role of M. bovis in bovine respiratory disease. Overall, the proposed research will require the development of models in young and adult cattle that allow the study of bovine respiratory disease, characterization of a protective immune response, immunomodulation associated with infection and vaccination, changes in virulence and interaction of pathogens in co-infections that result in changes in disease severity and resolution. BL-2; Approved 6/2/11 - #0320; BL-2,BL-2N; Approved 9/20/10 - #0335; BL-2; Approved 12/13/10 - #0339

Last Modified: 11/28/2015
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