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Research Project: Manipulating Host & Mate-Finding Behavior of Plum Curculio: Dvlpmnt of a Multi-Life Stage Mgmnt Strategy for a Key Fruit Pest -Cfda #10.309

Location: Appalachian Fruit Research Laboratory: Innovative Fruit Production, Improvement and Protection

Project Number: 1931-21000-024-03
Project Type: General Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Oct 01, 2009
End Date: May 31, 2014

We will: (1) isolate and identify attractive olfactory stimuli associated with host-and mate-finding for adult plum curculio using gas chromatography coupled with electroantennogram dected and mass spectrometry; (2) develop effective deployment strategies for newly identified olfactory stimuli to manipulate host- and mate-finding and promote aggreagation of the plum curculio within apple orchards; (3) evaluate efficacy of entomopathogenic nematodes against plum curculio larvae; (4) evaluate efficacy of a multi lifestage approach for management of plum curculio within spatially precise locations within commercial apple orchards; and (5) actively promote outreach and information exchange among interested stakeholders, crop consultants, state IPM research and extension programs, and federal researchers.

We will utilize laboratory-based electrophysiological studies and field-based bioassays to identify novel olfactory stimuli for the plum curculio. We will also perform laboratory and field-based studies to identify effective entomopathogenic nematodes. Final evaluations will be made in commercial orchards.

Last Modified: 9/23/2014
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