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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Research Project: ENHANCE WHEAT QUALITY AND UTILIZATION IN THE WESTERN U.S. Project Number: 5348-43440-005-00
Project Type: Appropriated

Start Date: Aug 13, 2009
End Date: Jun 13, 2010

Genetically improve wheat and other cereals for endosperm texture, Asian noodle color, carbohydrate composition, and develop new methods to evaluate end-product quality. Define genetic basis of desirable quality of Asian foods. Facilitate research on improving western wheats for domestic and Asian food product quality.

Determine the molecular and genetic basis of wheat grain texture by assessing puroindoline gene structure. Determine the effect of two different hardness alleles on grain texture, milling performance and baking quality. Assess the molecular genetic basis of discoloration in Asian noodles by identifying and characterizing polyphenoloxidase from wheat. Develop or adapt methods to evaluate wheat end-use quality with an emphasis on early generation testing. Employ gene expression measurement technology to identify genes contributing to desirable Asian food characteristics. Replaces 5348-43440-004-00D. 09/2009.

Last Modified: 6/3/2015
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