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Research Project: International Workshop on Olives and Oil Quality: Irrigating with Low Quality Water Project Number: 0210-22310-003-93
Project Type: Grant

Start Date: Jun 24, 2009
End Date: Jun 23, 2014

The objectives of the workshop are: • To bring together the world’s experts in irrigation of olives to share current state of the art knowledge. • To encourage participation of Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian researchers and professionals in global dialogue concerning olives and to secure worldwide authority of regional experts in the discipline of irrigation of olives. • To encourage specific interaction and collaboration between Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian, American and European researchers. • To boost the development of the olive oil industry in the US and the Middle East. • To consider the use of alternative (recycled and saline) water sources for olive orchard irrigation. • To promote efficient and environmentally responsible use of high and low quality water and fertilizers in olive production. • To ascertain future needs for research in the field.

The workshop will consist of 3-day conference and 2 days professional tour. The period has been chosen to coincide with the beginning of the olive harvest season which is in the fall of 2009. Researchers and agricultural and irrigation professionals working with olives and olive oil production. The workshop will address the following topics: • Alternative (effluent and saline) water for irrigation. • Conversion of traditional rain-fed orchards to full and supplemental irrigation regimes. • Irrigation regimes and scheduling. Deficit irrigation strategies. • Determination of water requirements. • Irrigation control and monitoring. • Fruit development and physiological responses as a function of water and nutrient status. • Fertilization. • Oil quality as a function of irrigation and fertilization. • Irrigation of high density orchards. • Soil and environmental management.

Last Modified: 4/18/2014
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