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United States Department of Agriculture

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Research Project: WINTER WHEAT BREEDING FOR SCAB RESISTANCE IN SOUTH DAKOTA Project Number: 0500-00053-002-83
Project Type: Grant

Start Date: Apr 06, 2009
End Date: Apr 05, 2014

To continue to use traditional breeding techniques, aided by molecular marker selection (MAS), to develop and release FHB-resistant hard winter wheat varieties and germplasm with superior agonomic performance and end-use quality characteristics, excellent winter survival ability, and resistance to disease prevalent in South Dakota and the northern Great Plains.

1) Use elite, FHB-resistant germplasm with tagged QTLs, in addition to indigenous native resistant sources, in developing populations segregating for FHB resistance and desirable agronomic traits; 2) Screen segregating populations, advanced lines, and established varieties in our mist-irrigated nursery and greenhouse for the purpose of line advancement and releasing and providing growers with accurate FHB ratings on commonly grown varieties; 3) Use molecular marker selection as a complementary tool to select FHB-resistant lines; and 4) Enter promising resistant lines into regional nurseries to facilitate development of varieties with broad adaptation in collaboration with the University of Nebraska and Kansas State University.

Last Modified: 7/30/2016
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