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Research Project: BIOCATALYTIC FUNCTIONALIZATION OF PLANT LIPIDS Publications (Clicking on the reprint icon Reprint Icon will take you to the publication reprint.)

Evaluation of biochars by temperature programmed oxidation/mass spectroscopy - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Jackson, M.A., Boateng, A.A., Groom, L.H., Eberhardt, T.L., Mullen, C.A. 2013. Evaluation of biochars by temperature programmed oxidation/mass spectroscopy. BioResources. 8:5461-5474.
Low Trans Hydrogenation - (Book / Chapter)
List, G.R., Jackson, M.A. 2011. Low trans hydrogenation. In: List, G.R., King, J.W., editors. Hydrogenation of Fats and Oils. Urbana, Illinois: American Oil Chemists' Society Press. p. 305-313.
Catalytic Pyrolysis of Oak via Pyroprobe and Bench Scale, Packed Bed Pyrolysis Reactors     Reprint Icon - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Compton, D.L., Jackson, M.A., Mihalcik, D.J., Mullen, C.A., Boateng, A.A. 2011. Catalytic pyrolysis of oak via pyroprobe and bench scale, packed bed pyrolysis reactors. Journal of Analytical & Applied Pyrolysis. 90:174-181.
Coke Accumulation on Catalysts used in a Fluidized Bed Pyrolyzer - (Abstract Only)
Jackson, M.A., Compton, D.L., Boateng, A.A. 2010. Coke accumulation on catalysts used in a fluidized bed pyrolyzer [abstract]. TCS 2010: Symposium on Thermal and Catalytic Sciences for Biofuels and Biobased Products. p. 55.
Catalytic Products from a Bench-Scale, Simulated Fluidized-Bed Pyrolyzer - (Abstract Only)
Compton, D.L., Jackson, M.A., Boateng, A.A. 2010. Catalytic products from a bench-scale, simulated fluidized-bed pyrolyzer [abstract]. TCS 2010: Symposium on Thermal and Catalytic Sciences for Biofuels and Biobased Products. p. 51.
Quartz Crystal Microbalance Investigation of the Structure of Adsorbed Soybean Oil and Methyl Oleate onto Steel Surface - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Evans, K.O., Biresaw, G. 2010. Quartz crystal microbalance investigation of the structure of adsorbed soybean oil and methyl oleate onto steel surface. Thin Solid Films. 519:900-905.
Characterization of Biochar using Temperature Programmed Oxidation - (Abstract Only)
Jackson, M.A., Boateng, A.A. 2010. Characterization of biochar using temperature programmed oxidation [abstract]. U.S. Biochar Initiative Conference. Abstract 1.
Feruloyl Dioleoyglycerol Antioxidant Capacity in Phospholipid Vesicles - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Laszlo, J.A., Evans, K.O., Vermillion, K., Appell, M.D. 2010. Feruloyl dioleoyglycerol antioxidant capacity in phospholipid vesicles. Journal of Agricultural Food and Chemistry. 58:5842-5850.
Lipids for Health and Beauty: Enzymatic Modification of Vegetable Oil - (Abstract Only)
Laszlo, J.A., Evans, K.O., Compton, D.L., Appell, M.D., Vermillion, K. 2010. Lipids for health and beauty: Enzymatic modification of vegetable oil [abstract]. American Chemical Society. Presentation #100. p. 58.
1-Butyl-3-Methyl Imidazolium-based Ionic Liquids Explored as Potential Solvents for Lipid Processing - (Abstract Only)
Evans, K.O. 2010. 1-butyl-3-methyl imidazolium-based ionic liquids explored as potential solvents for lipid processing [abstract]. American Chemical Society. Paper No. PHY575. p. 210.
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