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Location: Plant Genetics Research

2008 Annual Report

1a.Objectives (from AD-416)
Develop public soybean germplasm containing less than 3% linolenic acid in the oil fraction in three unique platforms for a range of maturity groups.

1b.Approach (from AD-416)
1. Make nine crosses and develop initial populations segregating for GmFAD3A and GmFAD3C alleles. 2. Use molecular markers to select desired genotypes. 3. Backcross selected genotypes and develop segregating populations. 4. Use molecular markers to select desired genotypes in 75% recurrent parent genome. 5. Advance material identified with desired genotypes. 6. Evaluate fatty acid profile of selected lines.

3.Progress Report

Objective: Develop sub 3% linolenic acid soybean lines in three different maturity backgrounds.

The report details progress on a project initiated in March 2008. The project is intended to determine the quality of soybean lines developed with unique genetics to produce low linolenic acid in the seed oil, an industry desired trait. Since the linolenic acid component is unstable, it was historically removed by chemical hydrogenation, which introduced trans fats to the oil. By classical genetics methods, the linolenic acid component can be reduced to below 3% of the oil fraction and therefore eliminate the need for chemical hydrogenation and create trans-fat free soybean oil. This project will develop sub 3% linolenic acid soybean lines that can be used in breeding programs as a basis for developing elite varieties in many maturity groups encompassing the majority of the soybean growing regions in the United States. The project is based on making new combinations of different genes that produce the low linolenic acid phenotype. The donor and acceptor soybean lines have been chosen for the project and are ready to be cross-hybridized to initiate the research. Molecular marker assays have been developed which allow the selection of the desired progeny plants.

(NP 302 - Component 2A)

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