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Location: Vegetable and Forage Crops Production Research

2008 Annual Report

1a.Objectives (from AD-416)
Identify compounds in potatoes that have nutritional or health-promoting value.

1b.Approach (from AD-416)
Diverse potato germplasm will be analyzed by LCMS to determine phytonutrient content. Potato extracts will be tested for anti-cancer activity using human cell cultures. Documents SCA with Texas A&M.

3.Progress Report

We have screened numerous potato genotypes including wild species for water soluble compounds with potential health-promoting properties. Considerable variation is found among the different potato genotypes in their phytonutrient and small molecule composition. Water soluble extracts from several cultivars and potato wild species were tested for anticancer activity. Several genotypes were identified that had some level of anticancer activity when tested in both androgen dependent and independent human prostate cancer cell culture lines. The genotype showing the most activity is a white-fleshed wild species. Previously anticancer activity has been found in heavily pigmented potatoes, but not white-fleshed. It is important finding that compounds with the anti-proliferation properties are found in consumer preferred white-fleshed potatoes.

Progress on this project was monitored by the ADODR via phone and email correspondence with the Texas A&M University's lead researcher.

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