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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Research Project: FOOT-AND-MOUTH DISEASE VIRUS (FMDV) COUNTERMEASURES DISCOVERY Project Number: 1940-32000-053-00
Project Type: Appropriated

Start Date: Oct 01, 2007
End Date: Oct 10, 2011

1. Develop improved vaccine platforms and delivery systems to control FMD. 2. Determine the mechanism of early immune enhancement against FMDV.

1. Development of improved FMD vaccines will be accomplished by: a.) focus on development of improved adenovirus-vectored FMDV vaccine platform and its routes of inoculation. b.) focus on the construction and testing of leader-deleted FMDV with a negative marker as an inactivated vaccine platform. c.) focus on the construction of T cell independent antigens as a vaccine platform. 2. Mechanisms of immune enhancement against FMD will be explored by characterization of: a.) induction of antiviral response by IFN alpha, beta and gamma and combinations of them. b.) induction of innate immune responses by TLR agonists utilized alone or as adjuvants in combination with vaccines. BSL certification is pending.

Last Modified: 7/4/2015
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