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Project Type: Appropriated

Start Date: Feb 14, 2007
End Date: Feb 03, 2011

1. Test and enhance an energy budget based approach to improve the winter process routines in the WEPP model for incorporation into the integrated wind and water erosion prediction system. 2. Conduct erodibility experiments and assemble and analyze existing data sets collected under winter conditions in order to develop erodibility parameters for runoff based erosion for use with RUSLE, WEPP, and the integrated wind and water erosion prediction system.

Improve predictive capability of the runoff and erosion prediction models that are currently in use (RUSLE)or projected for use (WEPP) in areas where winter hydrology is important in the annual runoff and erosion process. An energy-based winter routine in WEPP will be tested with additional datasets that will be provided by collaborators or will be collected during the project. A version of WEPP with improved winter routines will become a part of an integrated wind and water erosion prediction system. A combination of laboratory, flume, and field experiments will be used to establish erodibility parameters and relationships for soils subjected to freeze/thaw and rainfall or runoff under winter conditions. The research on the RUSLE and WEPP models evolves from the need to make the models more robust so they can be used with confidence in a wide variety of conditions where hydrology is dominated by winter events. The collaborators who have agreed to participate in this research are highly qualified, and have demonstrated their interest in the research through previous collaborative efforts. Replaced 5348-12000-007-00D (03/07).

Last Modified: 10/7/2015
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