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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

2007 Annual Report

1a.Objectives (from AD-416)
The long term objectives of this project are to identify causal agents, develop diagnostic assays, identify virus vectors and develop management strategies for controlling virus diseases of small fruit crops. Control strategies will range from improving certification programs with better diagnostics, managing vectors and virus sources, and working with breeders to identify resistant germplasm and cultivars as well as developing resistance using pathogen derived approaches. The priority of diseases to be addressed is determined by their economic impact for growers or processors of these fruits.

1b.Approach (from AD-416)
DsRNA analysis will be used to: 1. Look for viruses in new diseases of small fruit crops as a way to initially determine if a virus(es) is present in symptomatic plants; 2. Re-examine known diseases to look for the presence of additional viruses that may have been overlooked using bioassays and electron microscopy; 3. Determine if mixed infections are responsible for symptom variation in a single cultivar in different growing areas. Native plants and agricultural crops can serve as important inoculum for viruses studied in this project. Native vegetation and weeds in and adjacent to fields with virus infections will be tested for the presence of the viruses being studied using the tests developed in subobjective 1a and those already available. We will use standard molecular biology techniques to develop full length clones of the three RNAs of RBDV and test them for infectivity after generating RNA in various transcription systems. Replacing 5358-22000-023-00D (1/03). Replacing 5358-22000-028-00D (1/07).

The described experiments are being carried out as outlined in the project plan. This CRIS is new as of 5/2007, accomplishments for the previous project can be found in 5358-22000-028-00D, which occupied the majority of the reporting period.

5.Significant Activities that Support Special Target Populations

6.Technology Transfer

Number of non-peer reviewed presentations and proceedings3
Number of newspaper articles and other presentations for non-science audiences2

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