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United States Department of Agriculture

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Research Project: Evaluation of Activated Carbons from Animal Manure and Plant Residuals for Adsorption of Gaseous Ammonia
2009 Annual Report

1a.Objectives (from AD-416)
The objectives include:

(1) Lab scale column adsorption studies with pure ammonia gas to determine the manure and plant-based carbons with the best adsorption efficiency along with the comparative studies of commercial grade carbons.

(2) Preliminary studies on the adsorption capacities of the carbons with relation to direct poultry manure emissions which are comprised primarily of ammonia.

(3) Compile the data for the submission of a minimum of one peer reviewed publication.

1b.Approach (from AD-416)
The objectives stated are an integral part of the project plan referenced above. This work will expedite the accomplishment of the goals stated in the plan with relation to the examination of ammonia adsorption capabilities of the manure and plant-based carbons.

3.Progress Report

Additional experiments were carried out (in collaboration with Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in Florence, SC) to test additional activated carbon samples made from animal waste, as well as commercial samples used for comparison to determine their capacity for removing ammonia from air in a column study. The results are being analyzed and a manuscript reporting the research findings is in preparation.

The progress was monitored via periodic email and phone conversations.

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