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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

2007 Annual Report

6.Technology Transfer

Number of web sites managed4
Number of non-peer reviewed presentations and proceedings7
Number of newspaper articles and other presentations for non-science audiences13

Review Publications
Bryant, R., Moran, M.S., Thoma, D., Holifield Collins, C.D., Skirvin, S.M., Rahman, M., Slocum, K., Starks, P.J., Bosch, D.D., Gonzalez-Dugo, M.P. 2007. Measuring surface roughness height to parameterize radar backscatter models for retrieval of surface soil moisture. IEEE Geosci. and Rem. Sens. Letters 4(1): 137-141.

Nagler, P.L., Glenn, E., Kim, H., Emmerich, W.E., Scott, R.L., Huxman, T., Huete, A. 2007. Relationship between evapotranspiration and precipitation pulses in a semiarid rangeland estimated by moisture flux towers and modis vegetation indices. Journal of Arid Environments. 70:443-462.

Nichols, M.H. 2007. The walnut gulch experimental watershed - 50 years of watershed monitoring and research. In: Monitoring and Evaluation of Soil Conservation and Watershed Development Projects. de Graaff, J, Cameron, J., Sombatpanit, S., Pieri, C., Woodhill, J.(eds.). World Association of Soil and Water Conservation, Bangkok. 496 p.

Potts, D.L., Huxman, T.E., Scott, R.L., Williams, D.G., Goodrich, D.C. 2006. The sensitivity of ecosystem carbon exchange to seasonal precipitation and woody plant encroachment. Oecologia 150(3): 453-463.

Santanello, Jr., J.A., Peters-Lidard, C.D., Garcia, M.E., Mocko, D.M., Tischler, M.A., Moran, M.S., Thoma, D.P. 2007. Using Remotely-Sensed Estimates of Soil Moisture to Infer Soil Texture and Hydraulic Properties across a Semi-arid Watershed. Remote Sensing of Environment. 110:79-97. doi:10.1016/j.rse.2007.02.007.

Tischler, M., Garcia, M., Peters-Lidard, C., Moran, M.S., Miller, S., Thoma, D., Kumar, S., Geiger, J. 2007. A GIS framework for surface-layer soil moisture estimation combining satellite radar measurements and land surface modeling with soil physical property estimation. J. of Environmental Modeling and Software 22:891-898.

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