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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

2006 Annual Report

Review Publications
Derner, J.D., Schuman, G.E., Jawson, M.D., Shafer, S.R., Morgan, J.A., Polley, H.W., Runion, G.B., Prior, S.A., Torbert Iii, H.A., Rogers Jr, H.H., Bunce, J.A., Ziska, L.H., White, J.W., Franzluebbers, A.J., Reeder, S.J., Venterea, R.T., Harper, L.A. 2005. USDA-ARS global change research on rangelands and pasturelands. Rangelands. 27(5):36-42.

Prior, S.A., Runion, G.B., Rogers Jr, H.H., Conn, J.S., Cochran, V.L. Atmospheric co2 enrichment of potato in the subarctic: root distribution and soil biology. Environmental Control in Biology. 43(3):165-172.

Prior, S.A., Runion, G.B., Kornecki, T.S., Rogers Jr, H.H. 2006. A pneumatic device for lifting containers in plant water use studies. Agronomy Journal. 98:120-123.

Prior, S.A., Torbert III, H.A., Runion, G.B., Rogers Jr, H.H., Ort, D.R., Nelson, R.L. 2006. Free-air carbon dioxide enrichment of soybean: Influence of crop variety on residue decomposition. Journal of Environmental Quality. 35:1470-1477.

Pritchard, S.G., Prior, S.A., Rogers Jr, H.H., Davis, M.A., Runion, G.B., Popham, T.W. 2006. Effects of elevated atmospheric co2 on root dynamics and productivity of sorghum grown under conventional and conservation agricultural management practices. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. 113:175-183.

Runion, G.B., Davis, M.A., Pritchard, S.G., Prior, S.A., Mitchell, R.J., Torbert III, H.A., Rogers Jr, H.H., Dute, R.R. 2006. Effects of elevated atmospheric co2 on biomass and carbon accumulation in a model regenerating longleaf pine community. Journal of Environmental Quality. 35:1478-1486.

Rogers Jr, H.H., Pritchard, S.G., Davis, M.A., Prior, S.A., Runion, G.B., Torbert III, H.A., Mitchell, R.J. Carbon storage and cycling, soil microbiology, and water quality in co2-enriched agro-ecosystems. Final Techinical Reprt, Terrestrial Carbon Processes (TCP) Program of the Office of Science, Biological and Environmental Research (BER), U. S. Department Of Energy Annual Report, Germantown, MD. 7 p.

Prior, S.A., Price, A.J., Runion, G.B., Rogers Jr, H.H., Gjerstad, D.H., Torbert III, H.A. 2006. Growth response of the invasive weed tropical spiderwort to elevated atmospheric co2 [abstract]. American Society of Agronomy Branch Meeting. 2006 CDROM.

Wielopolski, L., Mitra, S., Zhang, Y., Torbert III, H.A., Prior, S.A. 2006. Soil carbon analysis in large fields using a scanning system [abstract]. Emerging Modalities for Soil Carbon Analysis: Sampling Statistics and Economics Workshop.

Price, A.J., Prior, S.A., Runion, G.B., Stoll, M.E., Van Santen, E., Rogers Jr, H.H., Gjerstad, D.H., Torbert III, H.A. 2006. Effects of elevated atmospheric co2 on tropical spiderwort [abstract]. Symposium on Tropical Spiderwort (Commelina benghalensis): An Exotic Invasive Weed in the Southeast U.S.

Price, A.J., Runion, G.B., Prior, S.A., Rogers Jr, H.H., Torbert III, H.A., Gjerstad, D.H. 2006. The invasive weed tropical spiderwort increases growth under elevated atmospheric co2 [abstract]. Symposium on Tropical Spiderwort: A New Troublesome Exotic-Invasive Weed in Peanut. 38th American Peanut Research and Education Society. Paper No. 119. p. 82.

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