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United States Department of Agriculture

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Research Project: VACCINOLOGY AND IMMUNITY OF AQUATIC ANIMALS Project Number: 6420-32000-019-00
Project Type: Appropriated

Start Date: Dec 14, 2004
End Date: Dec 13, 2009

Updated objectives - covers the same scope as the original project: 1) Characterize the mechanisms of immune responses by in vitro and in vivo experiments to identify antibody and or cells responsible for protection; 2) Develop and test non-living and modified live monovalent and multivalent vaccines and antibodies for passive immunization against economically important pathogens such as Lactococcus garviae, Streptococcus iniae, and S. agalactiae; 3) Develop in ovo, bath hyperosmotic immersion, and oral routes of vaccine administration as a cost-effective means of mass immunization of fish with cohabitation and immersion vaccine evaluation as a means to more closely mimic field conditions.

1) In vitro and in vivo models will be developed to study the mechanisms of immune responses that will include passive immunization, antibody and cell-mediated assays, western blotting and protein electrophoresis of protective antigens; 2) Vaccine master seeds will be identified by their virulence characteristics in tissue culture, organ cultures and/or fish experiments. Technologies used to develop domestic animal and human vaccines will be used to formulate and produce fish vaccines; 3) Immersion and oral immunization protocols will be assessed to determine mass immunization strategies that will include encapsulation of vaccine into algal products and similar substances; and 4) The influences of water temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, confinement and handling stress on the immunity responses following vaccination will be assessed in experimental vaccine trials and under field conditions.

Last Modified: 11/27/2014
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