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2005 Annual Report

4d.Progress report.
This report serves to document research conducted under a specific cooperative agreement between ARS and the Alternative Energy Institute, West Texas A&M University. Additional details of research can be found in the report for the parent CRIS 6209-13610-006-00D, Remote Water Pumping and Electric Power Generation with Renewable Energy.

New rotor blades with a different airfoil shape and a smaller rotor diameter were tested on the Bergey Excel (10 kW) wind turbine used in a water pumping system. For a typical spring month (high winds, moderate daily water requirement), the new blades would pump 10.6% more water than the old original blades. In a typical summer month (low winds, high daily water requirement), the wind turbine with new blades pumped 14.3% more water. Since the installation of the permanent magnetic alternator (PMA) in 1989, there have been no maintenance items on the wind turbine, although there has been an occasional big grip replacement on the tower guy cables. The Bergey 1995 controller has continued to work flawlessly since putting an external battery charger on the controller battery in June 2002. Also, we have not had any problems with the pump and motor in the last 6 years. These new blades appear to operate more quietly, so acoustic data will be collected on this wind turbine.

Data were collected on the Bergey 1500 we have been using for livestock watering at the ARS Laboratory using a new controller designed by WTAMU-AEI interns. Complete new instrumentation was also installed to monitor the system performance. The flow rate data collected in January 2005 matched very closely the data collected in January 1999. The wind turbine is operated and data collected only when cattle are in the pasture; therefore, the system operated from October to March this year. Two WTAMU students have completed a new rotor blade design, and plans have been completed to build and test these blades on this machine during this next year.

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