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2006 Annual Report

4d.Progress report.
The report serves to document research conducted under a specific agreement between ARS and Louisiana State University. Additional details of this research can be found in the inhouse project 5347-13000-013-00D

The project is being conducted by Louisiana State University in cooperation with Angelina Plantation, Monterey, LA and the U.S. Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center. During 2006, 7 precision-graded fields were chosen for a study to determine the benefits of level basins (zero grade) with surface drainage on the performance of surface irrigation in humid environments. Three sloped and three level fields planted to soybeans and a level field planted to cotton were selected. Flow meters and rain gauges have been installed for all fields to determine water inputs. Water level sensors were also installed on the outlets of three fields to measure surface drainage. Watermark soil water sensors were used to determine soil moisture depletion, and the Arkansas scheduler was used to determine the need for irrigation, in addition to the Watermark sensors. Watermark sensors on the surface were also used to determine water advance. Plans to measure the influence of spin-ditch spacing proved difficult. Results will be analyzed after completion of the season.

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