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Location: Water Management and Conservation Research

2005 Annual Report

4d.Progress report.
The report serves to document research conducted under a specific cooperative agreement between ARS and Louisiana State University. Additional details of this research can be found in the parent CRIS 5344-13000-013-00D.

The project is being conducted by Louisiana State University in cooperation with Angelina Plantation, Monterey, LA and the U.S. Water Conservation Lab. A series of fields at Angelina Plantation have been selected for study, including sloped and level fields, with cotton, rice and soybeans. The study intends to compare conventional sloping fields with precision-graded (level and sloping) fields with surface drainage systems. The fields, internal ditches, drainage outlets, water supplies, tensiometers, etc. are being mapped with GPS coordinates for entry into a GIS system. Flow meters have been installed on all water supply wells for these fields. Several fields have also been instrumented with a variety of sensors, including: soil moisture sensors (tensiometers, Water Marks, Echo soil moisture loggers), sensors for evaporation and evapotransiration (EasyPans, ET gages), rain gauges (automatic and manual recording), and weather stations. The Arkansas Scheduler is being used to schedule irrigations on cotton and soybeans. Advance and recession measurement during irrigation were made on several fields, but data collection proved difficult and few irrigation events occurred due to high rainfall. Automatic advance and recession timers did not perform as well as expected. Attempts are being made to measure surface drainage from these fields, but this has proven to be more difficult than expected.

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