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Location: Natural Products Utilization Research

2007 Annual Report

1a.Objectives (from AD-416)
Objective 1: Discover new, natural product-based antifungal agents for use in disease control. Objective 2: Conduct small-scale efficacy studies and limited mode of action studies of lead compounds for use as new plant protectants for small fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants.

1b.Approach (from AD-416)
The CRIS research will focus in novel plant-derived fungicides for control of important minor crop pathogens. These compounds will be (1) tested in in vitro assays and on plants for efficacy as plant protectants and (2) evaluated for potential to prevent decay in fruits.

3.Progress Report
International collaborations in Turkey: As a result of the USDA, ARS International Scientific Enhancement Program (ISEP) award to ‘Identify and characterize novel natural product based antifungal agents’, six research projects were published in 2006-2007 with Turkish colleagues.

Life-Pharms project: To date 5,846 samples have been processed for antifungal evaluation. This year (2007) alone, we have evaluated 336 new crude extracts utilizing bioautography. We have determined 23 primary leads from the first four plates evaluated, as well as 40 compounds of secondary secondary importance, and about 40 extracts that present activity of interest which do not fit into the other two priority groups. Of all the samples evaluated we have a total of 61 primary leads, about 400 secondary leads, and about 250 extracts that appear to be of interest. We have received 18 follow up samples, several of sufficient quantity to pursue towards structure elucidation of identified actives.


5.Significant Activities that Support Special Target Populations

6.Technology Transfer

Number of new CRADAs and MTAs1
Number of invention disclosures submitted2
Number of non-peer reviewed presentations and proceedings2

Review Publications
Tabanca, N., Demirci, B., Can Baser, K., Mincsovics, E., Khan, S.I., Jacob, M.R., Wedge, D.E. 2007. Characterization of Volatile Constituents of Scaligeria tripartita and Studies on the Antifungal Activity Against Phytopathogenic Fungi. Journal of Chromatography B. V. 850:221-229.

Can Baser, K., Tabanca, N., Kirimer, N., Bedir, E., Khan, I.A., Wedge, D.E. 2007. Recent Advances in the Chemistry and Biological Activities of the Pimpinella Species of Turkey. Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry. V. 79(4):539-556.

Tabanca, N., Pawar, R.S., Ferreira, D., Marais, J.J., Khan, S.I., Wedge, D.E., Khan, I.A. 2007. Flavan-3-ol-phenylpropanoid Conjugates from Anemopaegma arvense and Their Antioxident Activites. Planta Medica. 73:1107-1111.

Wedge, D.E., Smith, B.J., Quebedeaux, J.P., Constantin, R.J. 2007. Fungicide Management Strategies for Control of Strawberry Fruit Rot Diseases in Louisiana and Mississippi. Crop Protection Journal. 26:1449-1458.

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