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Subject of Investigation
Animal research, general
Annual grasses, other
Arboreta and botanical gardens
Atmosphere, general/other
Beans (dry)
Beans (fresh, fresh-processed)
Bedding/garden plants
Beef cattle, general/other
Beef cattle, live animal
Bees, honey, and other pollinators, general
Berries and cane fruits, other
Biological Cell Systems
Broadleaf forests of the North
Broadleaf forests of the South
Chemurgic Crops
Citrus, general/other
Cole crops (includes cabbage, kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower,
Conifer forests of the South
Conifer forests of the West
Cool season perennial grasses (includes bluegrass, bromegrass, fescue)
Corn (for sweetcorn use 1480)
Cotton, other
Cottonseed (for meal, oil, etc.)
Cross-commodity research--multiple animal species
Cross-commodity research--multiple crops
Cucurbits, other (includes pumpkin, squash, gourd)
Cultured aquatic animals, general/other
Cut flowers, foliage, and greens
Dairy cattle, general/other
Dairy cattle, live animal
Deciduous and small fruits, general/other
Deciduous tree fruits, other
Desert and semidesert shrub land and shinnery
Drainage and irrigation facilities and systems
Duck and goose, live animal
Durum wheat
Economy, general/other
Edible tree nuts, general/other
Egg-type chicken, live animal
Endangered species
Farm structures and related facilities
Feed and feed additives
Fiber crops, general/other
Florist crops, other
Food (not readily associated with specific plant and animal products)
Forage legumes, other
Fungi (includes yeast)
General Commodity
General technology
Goats, meat and mohair
Grain crops, general/other (includes buckwheat, millet, triticale)
Grain sorghum
Grapes, other
Grasslands, other
Greens and leafy vegetables (includes endive, lettuce, spinach)
Ground covers
Hard red spring wheat
Hard red winter wheat
Hard white wheat
Herbaceous perennials and decorative greens
Herbs and spices
Honey bees
Horses, ponies, and mules
Individuals (as workers, consumers, members of society)
Laboratory animals
Leguminous vegetables, other
Long fiber cotton
Machinery and equipment
Meat, beef cattle
Meat, dairy cattle
Meat, sheep
Meat, swine
Meat-type chicken, live animal
Melons (includes cantaloupe, muskmelon, watermelon)
Microorganisms, general/other
Miscellaneous and new crops, general/other
Mixed conifer-broadleaf forests
Mountain grasslands, meadow, and alpine
Mushrooms and other edible fungi
Narcotic plants
Noncrop plant research
Oilseed and oil crops, general/other
Onion, garlic, leek, shallot
Ornamental trees and shrubs
Ornamentals and turf, general/other (includes cacti)
Other animals, general
Other beef cattle products
Other cultured finfish
Other cultured shellfish
Other dairy cattle products
Other Pollinators
Other poultry products
Other products of the forest
Other swine products
Paper and pulp derived products
Parks and urban green space
Pasture and forage crops, general/other
Peas (dry)
Peas (fresh, fresh-processed)
People and communities, general/other
Perennial grasses, other
Pesticides (includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, etc.)
Plant research, general
Potted plants
Poultry meat
Poultry, general/other
Raisin grapes
Rangelands and grasslands, general
Rangelands, other
Red clover
Remote sensing equipment and technology
Research equipment and methods, general/other
Rhizomes, tubers, bulbs, and root crops, general/other (for potato use 1310)
River basins
Rubber, gum, and resin plants, other
Seeds and other plant propagules
Sewage and waste disposal facilities and systems
Sheep and wool, general/other
Sheep, live animal
Soft red wheat
Soft white wheat (includes club, western)
Soil and land, general
Solanaceous and related crops, general/other (for potato use 1310)
Solar radiation
Spiders, mites, ticks, and other arthropods
Striped bass
Sugar beet
Sugar cane
Sugar crops, general/other
Summer annual grasses (includes forage sorghums, sudangrass, sorghum)
Sweet potato
Sweet sorghum
Swine, general/other
Swine, live animal
Table grapes
The family and its members
The farm as an enterprise
Trees, forests, and forest products, general
Tropical/subtropical fruit, general/other
Turf (includes bentgrass, bermudagrass, bluegrass, dichondra, fescue)
Turkey, live animal
Upland cotton
Vegetables, general/other
Viroids, mycoplasmas, spiroplasmas, etc.
Warm season perennial grasses (includes dallisgrass, bluestems)
Water resources
Watersheds and river basins, general
Wetland and riparian systems
Wheat, other
Wild animals
Wildlife and natural fisheries, general/other
Wildlife habitats
Wine grapes
Winter annual grasses (includes annual ryegrass)
Winter annual legumes (includes subterranean clover, arrowleaf clover)
Wood and wood products
Wool fiber
Tropical/subtropical fruit, general/other
item Alternatives to Methyl Bromide: Mitigation of the Threat from Exotic Tropical and Subtropical Insect Pests
item Assessing Puerto Rican Bee Colonies for Health Aggression and the Potential for Queen-Rearing
item Bactrocera Genome Study
item Biology, Control, and Area-Wide Management of Fruit Flies and Other Quarantine Pests
item Biotechnology Education in Hawaii: Today's Youth for Tomorrow's Decision Makers
item Characterization and Management of Invasive Plant Viruses in Hawaii
item Characterization and Manipulation of the Color of Fresh Citrus Fruit Especially Regarding to Improve Fruit Appearance under Hlb Disease
item Characterization of Important Plant Pathogens in Musa (Banana) Spp. Germplasm
item Characterization of Potential Feedstocks of Hawaii Island and Development of Effective Technology for a "zero-Waste" Biofuels Approach
item Characterization of Potential Feedstocks of Hawaii Island for Development of “zero-Character” Biofuels
item Characterizing the Transcriptome of Endophytic Trichoderma Isolates
item Commercial Demonstration of Infrared Dry Blanching and Dehydration of Fruits and Vegetables
item Conservation, Genetic Analyses, and Utilization of Subtropical/tropical Fruit Crops, Sugarcane, and Miscanthus Genetic Resources
item Control of Pests and Diseases and Adding Value to Specialty Crops
item Degreening of Citrus Fruit
item Develop Sustainable Production System for Tropical Tree Crops and Assess Germplasm to Improve Cacao Sustainability
item Development and Analysis of Plants with Transgenic Virus Resistance
item Development of a Diffusion Delivery Medium for Bioactive Compounds of Natural Plant Product Origin That Ensures Food Safety and Disinfestation
item Development of a Diffusion Delivery Medium for Bioactive Compounds of Natural Plant Product Origin That Ensures the Safety and Disinfestation
item Development of a Low-Cost Cabinet X-Ray Tube Machine for Phytosanitary Irradiation
item Development of a Solar Thermal Drum Dryer for Specialty Crop Purees and Pomaces
item Development of a Solar Thermal Drum Dryer for Specialty Crop Purees and Pomaces
item Development of Attractants/lures for the Redbay Ambrosia Beetle
item Development of Biological Control Techologies & Strategies for Arthropod Pests of Perennial Tropical Crops Imp. to the Us, .. Coffee
item Development of Detection, Quarantine Treatments and Control/eradication Systems for Crops Susceptible to Tephritid Fruit Fly in the U.S.
item Development of Diagnostic Resources to Support Fruit Fly Exclusion and Eradication
item Development of Diagnostic Resources to Support Fruit Fly Exclusion and Eradication - Phase 3
item Development of Genetic Improvements of Bioenergy Feedstock and Other Selected Tropical Crops Grown Nationally
item Development of High Throughput Genome and Transcriptome Sequences for Tropical Perennial Crops
item Development of Improved Lures for Redbay Ambrosia Beetle
item Development of Improved Trapping Systems for Invasive Fruit Flies That Threaten U.S. Agriculture
item Development of Irradiation Treatments for Export Fruit Markets: Phytosanitary Doses for High-Impact Invasive Pests
item Development of Irradiation Treatments for High-Impact Invasive Species and Evaluation of Commodity Tolerance to Irradiation Treatments
item Development of Next Generation Sequences to Address Genetic Diversity and Disease Interactions of Perennial Tropical Crops
item Development of Sustainable Processing Technologies for Improving the Healthiness, Quality and Safety of Speciality Crops and Their Waste Products
item Diagnostic Resources to Support Fruit Fly Exclusion and Eradication – Stage 3
item Evaluation of Improved Cacao (Theobroma Cacao) Materials for Agronomic Performance, Reaction to Diseases and Uptake of Cadmium
item Evaluation of Promising Tropical/subtropical Fruit and Ornamental Plant Germplasm for South Florida
item Export Fruit Markets: Phytosanitary Doses for High-Impact Invasive Species
item Finding Previously Unreported Biological Control Agents of the Coffee Berry Borer by Determining Alternate Host Plants
item Genetic Diversity Assessment of Cacao and Other Tropical Tree Crop Genetic Resources
item Genetics and Genomics of Tropical Fruit, Sugarcane and Grasses
item Genomes of Fungal Pathogens and Cacao Defense Responses
item Genomic Approaches to Fruit Fly Exclusion and Pathway Analysis
item Genomic Charecterization and Management of Fungal Diseases of Cacao
item Genomics and Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (Snp) Marker Discovery in Tropical and Subtropical Fruit Trees
item Headquarters Cooperative Programs - Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems (Nr&saa)
item Identification and Field Use of Semiochemicals of Invasive Insect Pests in Hawaii
item Improved Semiochemicals for Detection of Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle, An Invasive Pest on Coconut and Other Tropical Plants
item Improved Semiochemicals for Detection of Coffee Berry Borer for Detection and Control
item Improved Technology for Detection, Control and Eradication of Invasive Fruit Flies
item Innovations That Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Managing and Preserving Ex Situ Plant Germplasm Collections
item Integrated Approach to Process and Package Technologies
item Investigation of Sugars, Acids, Flavonoids and Limonoids in Citrus Lines with Varying Degrees of Tolerance to Citrus Greening Or Huanglongbing...
item Magnitude of the Residue Analyses in Minor Crops from Experimental Applications of Pesticides
item Management of Tropical/subtropical Plant Genetic Resources and Associated Information
item Management Strategies to Improve Subtropical/tropical Fruit Crop Production
item Molecular Resources for the Improvement of Tropical Ornamental and Fruit Crops
item Nematodes As Biological Control Agents of the Coffee Berry Borer in Mexico
item New Sustainable Processing Technologies to Produce Healthy, Value-Added Foods from Specialty Crops
item Non-Funded Cooperative Agreement Between ARS and the University of California Advanced Solar Technologies Institute (Uc Solar)
item Pacific Tropical/subtropical Fruit and Nut Genetic Resource Management and Sustainable Production Systems
item Pbarc-Cafnrm Collaboration on Regionally-Based Feedstocks Including Agricultural by-Products and Algae
item Phytosanitary Irradiation for High-Impact Invasive Species
item Pre-and Postharvest Treatment of Tropical Commodities to Improve Quality and Increase Trade Through Quarantine Security
item Prevention and Control of Invasive Insect Pests
item Processing Technologies for Agricultural and Food Products
item Quality Assurance Services and Support for Ir-4 Minor Use Pesticides at State Facilities in New Jersey and Similar Locations
item Quality Evaluation of Tropical/subtropical Fruit and Fruit Products
item Quality, Shelf-Life and Health Benefits for Fresh, Fresh-Cut and Processed Products for Citrus and Other Tropical/subtropical-Grown Fruits and Vegetables
item Regionally Grown Feedstock
item Residual Effectiveness of Foliar Sprays Against Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Melon Fly, Malaysian Fruit Fly and Oriental Fruit Fly
item Staffing and Operation for National Clonal Repositories for Plant Germplasm
item Sustainable Technologies for Table Olive/olive Mill Wastewater Management
item The Postharvest Treatment of California Sweet Cherries with Methyl Bromide to Eliminate the Oriental Fruit Fly, Bactrocera Dorsalis
item Vascular Streak Dieback and Other Diseases of Cacao in Indonesia
Last Modified: 3/13/2015