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National Program 304: Crop Protection & Quarantine
Strategic Vision
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Vision Statement

Pest management for a sustainable agriculture


Mission Statement

To provide technology to manage pest populations below economic damage thresholds by the integration of environmentally compatible strategies that are based on increased understanding of the biology and ecology of insect, mite, and weed pests


Research Components


Component 1:  Systematics and Identification

Problem Statement 1A: Insects and Mites

Problem Statement 1B: Weeds

Problem Statement 1C: Microbials


Component 2:  Protection of Agricultural and Horticultural Crops

Problem Statement 2A: Biology and Ecology of Pests and Natural Enemies

Problem Statement 2B: Control


Component 3:  Protection of Natural Ecosystems

Problem Statement 3A: Insects

Problem Statement 3B: Terrestrial, Aquatic, and Wetland Weeds


Component 4:  Protection of Post-Harvest Commodities and Quarantine

Problem Statement 4A: Insect Pests of Fresh Commodities

Problem Statement 4B: Insect Pests of Durable (Stored and Processed) Commodities

Last Modified: 12/4/2013
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