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National Program 213: Biorefining
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September 17, 2013

Value-Added Cost Analysis (pdf)

Andy McAloon


August 14-16 & August 19-21, 2013

USDA/ARS Sweet-Energy Sorghum Research Agenda Setting Workshops

Tifton and Griffin, GA & Wyndmoor, PA






Tifton, GA

Sorghum Growers Association Perspective of Sweet Sorghum in the U.S. – Chris Cogburn

NexSteppe Perspective on Hybrid Development and Agronomic Needs of Energy Sorghum – Brent Bean

Sweet Sorghum Production for Biofuel in North China – Lipu Han

Argentine Overview of Sweet Sorghum Production, Eco-physiology and Management – Gabriela Diaz

EEAOC Bioenergy Program Overview – Javier Tonatto

Sweet Sorghum Germplasm Collection and Evaluation – Ming Li Wang

Fall Armyworm (Spodoptora frugiperda J.E. Smith) Evaluations – Xinzhi Ni

Root-knot Nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) Evaluations – Richard Davis

Germplasm and Breeding Research at Tifton, GA – Joe Knoll

Traditional and Molecular Genetics Research at Lincoln, NE – Scott Sattler

Molecular Genetics Research at Tifton, GA – Karen Harris-Shultz

Energy Sorghum Breeding for Biofuel in China – Guanghui Xie

Sweet Sorghum Genetic Improvement Programme at IBCAS - Guanghui Xie for Haichun Jing

EEAOC Updates on Hybrids Evaluation, Phenology & Crop Management - Sergio Casen and Agustin Sanchez

Evaluation of Sweet Sorghum Germplasm in UruguayOsvaldo Pérez González

Sorghum Production and Rotation, Water and Nutrients – Tim Strickland

Overview for Modeling and LCA with Sorghum – Jim Kiniry/Norman Meki

Greenhouse Gas Evaluations – Richard Lowrance

Wyndmoor, PA

USDA/ARS North Atlantic Area Overview- Darius Swietlik

Eastern Regional Research Center Overview- Kevin Hicks

The US Biofuels Industry of Today- Kevin Hicks

Progress of Sweet Sorghum Harvest, Logisitcs, and Processing for Biofuel China- Guanghui Xie

Diversifying the Energy Matrix in Uruguay: Evaluation of Sweet Sorghum Cultivars as a Linked Component- Osvaldo Perez

Sorghum Breeding Program at INTA Argentina- Diego Ortiz

USDA Bioenergy- Harry Baumes

The Potential and Challenges of Sweet Sorghum Produced in Saline Soil- Lipu Han

Genetic Research to Improve Sorghum’s Ability to Grow in Acidic Soils- Miguel Pineros

Use of Mannitol to Measure Deterioration in Sugar Crops and How Harvest Methods Affect Sweet Sorghum Deterioration- Gillian Eggleston

Development of Commercially Viable Processing Technologies for Sweet Sorghum at the USDA/ARS Southern Regional Research Center, New Orleans- Gillian Eggleston

EEAOC-Argentina Bioenergy Program Overview- Javier Tonatto

The US Renewable Fuel Standard, Advanced Biofuels, and the Role of Sweet Sorghum- John Urbanchuck

Life Cycle Analysis of Sweet Sorghum Ethanol in Uruguay- Paul Adler and Sabrina Spatari

Challenges for Commercializing Sweet Sorghum for Ethanol- Maha Dakar

Sweet Sorghum Inclusion Rates in Ethanol Production- Sabrina Trupia

Fast Pyrolysis for Production of Biofuels and Chemicals from Biomass- Akwasi Boateng

EEAOC-Argentina Updates on Hybrid Evaluations, Phenology & Crop Management- Sergio Casen and Agustin Sanchez


Photos: album located here (external link)

Last Modified: 10/21/2013
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