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National Program 207: Integrated Farming Systems
Strategic Vision
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Because of narrow profit margins and due to their fixed geographical locations most farms and ranches have only limited flexibility to respond to changing factors in their environment. Every farm or ranch is a complex system of interacting components residing in a natural and socioeconomic environment. A high degree of management skill is required of modern producers. The primary products of the Integrated Agricultural Systems National Program are information and tools for use by farmers and by consultants in farm planning and decision-making within the complex socioeconomic-physical-technical environment of the farm or farms for which they are responsible. The overall problem to be addressed is provision of science-based information and its effective retrieval, management, and analysis for agricultural management decision-making. This includes historic, recent, and real-time information and data. The goal is to help farmers retrieve, understand, and apply this information to the development and effective management of whole farm systems within the context of their ecosystems and communities. Effective response to farm/ranch issues requires that partnerships be established in which research is conducted jointly with farmers and with participation from community stakeholders.

Vision Statement:
Integrated Agricultural Systems that are competitive, profitable, sustainable, and environmentally compatible.

Mission Statement:
To conduct integrated research, development, demonstration, and technology transfer that provide information and tools to solve problems and address opportunities in farming systems for all levels of income which enhance natural resource management, crop and animal production, product yield and quality, and environmental quality.


NP 207 has been changed to NP 216:  Agricultural Systems Competitiveness and Sustainability.  Please see our new site for more information.   

Last Modified: 4/1/2009
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