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National Program 205: Rangeland, Pasture, and Forages
Program Summary:
Projected Outcomes
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Projected Outcomes

Basic and applied interdisciplinary research on rangeland, pasture and forage production and conservation will contribute to economic and environmental sustainability by providing:

  • Improved techniques and management strategies for assess and, where needed, mitigate livestock grazing impacts on soil and water resources.
  • Improved and evaluated native and introduced forage germplasm to enhance
  • forage establishment, productivity, digestibility, and persistence, and to improve
  • natural resource conservation including protecting biodiversity.
  • Improved techniques and management strategies to enable acceptable levels of animal reproduction and survival on range and pasture lands.
  • Improved techniques and coordinated strategies, including the use of livestock grazing, to control and manage of weeds and other pests.
  • Improved and evaluated tools, standards and measurements, and information systems to assess and monitoring the status of rangeland, pasture, and forage ecosystems and agroecosystems.
  • Improved techniques and management strategies to produce profitable high-quality livestock products from grazing-based systems.

  • Improved and demonstrated science-based decision support systems to aid in the integrated and sustainable management of natural resources, including livestock and wildlife grazing on rangeland, pasture, and forage lands.
  • Improved and evaluated ecologically-based techniques and strategies to repair and manage degraded ecological systems.
  • Increased efficiency of forage production, harvesting and conservation techniques to enhance year-round availability of affordable livestock feed.
  • Improved demonstration and information transfer of research findings to promote sustainable economic development through improved rangeland, pasture and forage management systems that enhance profitability, product diversification, resource conservation and risk management.

Last Modified: 5/14/2001
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