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National Program 204: Global Change
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5 - GRACEnet database format
GRACEnet database format

The goals of the GRACEnet data base are to provide easily accessible information on crop management, soils, weather, and gas fluxes that can be used for model building and testing. Specifically, data on fertilizer, tillage, water, and crop rotation management, soil carbon, nitrogen, water content, and temperature, crop yields and growth stages, nitrous oxide, methane, and carbon dioxide emissions, and other agroecosystem variables are included. The GRACEnet_Template.xls file contains 20 worksheets to be populated with this information from the participating ARS units. Populated worksheets will be returned to the Soil Plant Nutrient Research Unit for visual inspection and outlier analyses, and then sent to National Soil Tilth Research Laboratory to be included in a web accessible SQL database.


GRACEnet Template (xls file)





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Last Modified: 1/18/2011
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