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National Program 203: Air Quality
Assessment Reports
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An external assessment panel met in February 2008 in Greenbelt, MD. 



In achieving most goals of this program, the program missed some key opportunities due to a lack of a coherent program of study among the various components and units involved with the research. This was especially evident in Component V dealing with Pesticides and Other Synthetic Organic Chemicals. Significant achievements were noted in a number of the components however, certain issues related to validation of models being developed, studies not key to goals of the component, goals not being addressed, or studies being done which would better fit in other programs were noted.

            The Program has a number of strengths and strong research units associated with the Program, so opportunities to provide a more strategic research strategy need to be found. The individual component and problem statement assessments follows in the sections below and contain more detailed comments of the research aspects of this program.

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Last Modified: 12/4/2008