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National Program 203: Air Quality
Accomplishment Reports
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NP 203 Accomplishment Report 2007


Air quality refers to the combination of physical, chemical, and biological constituents of air masses in the lower atmosphere with which humans, animals, plants, lands, and water bodies of the earth interact. These constituents may take the form of solids (such as suspended particulates), gases (such as oxygen and nitrogen), and or liquids (such as water droplets or vapor). The term air quality refers to the state of air with reference to its ability to maintain a high level of human health as the first priority, with secondary priorities associated with animal and environmental health. Air Quality was developed as a topic for an ARS National Program during 1997, and became a National Program during 1998.

This Accomplishment Report summarizes selected accomplishments that resulted from the ensuing research. These accomplishments are categorized in this report by the Program’s major components:

  • Particulate Emissions 
  • Ammonia and Ammonium Ammonia Emissions
  • Malodorous Compounds 
  • Ozone Impacts
  • Pesticides and Other Synthetic Organic Chemicals 

The success of the Air Quality National Program, relative to the goals established in the Program’s Action Plan, will be assessed by a panel of outside experts. An Executive Summary of their assessment report will be published on the ARS website during 2008 and will provide a basis on which to begin planning for a second 5-year research cycle in this National Program. For the next 5-year research cycle the Global Change National Program will be merged with the Air Quality Research Program and the Soil Resource Management Research Program to form the Soil and Air Resource Management National Program.

Agricultural air quality is emerging as an important issue to producers, concerned citizens, and those who create policy. The ARS Air Quality Program’s vision is for Agricultural enterprises throughout the Nation free from air quality concerns. The research accomplishments reported by this report were conducted to make this vision a reality.

ARS is proud to submit this Accomplishment Report to the Assessment Panel, to our stakeholders and customers, and to the Nation. ARS National Program Staff is confident that the research performed under the Air Quality National Program reflects a productive research portfolio, given the funding levels involved. The Agency anticipates that the program will continue to serve as a source of innovation for our stakeholders, and looks forward to many future success stories and accomplishments.


For the full text of the report, please click here.

Last Modified: 10/28/2008
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